Thursday, March 19, 2015

Human Heart Nature Overnight Elixir

Last Christmas, I got a nice surprise from my favorite, C: a red paper bag bearing the Human Heart Nature logo.

A peek inside revealed a bottle of their Overnight Elixir. I'd been eyeing this since its release (P995 with the sunflower oil free), but I wasn't really interested in getting that freebie and I wanted to try it out first (only their physical stores give samples). Imagine my delight when I saw this baby!

Human Heart Nature Overnight Elixir Packaging

This is the "old' packaging of the HHR Overnight Elixir. Newer editions have a yellow, more cheerful pattern. If they haven't changed the scent or bottle packaging, I'd think this version of the packaging is more appropriate. I haven't checked if the newer bottles are different.

The box comes with easy instructions on how to use it. I prefer using 3 drops for my face and neck and apply it by massaging it in quickly. I didn't pay much attention to the label part because it felt too much like pro-organic marketing. However, those who like their products on the more natural side might prefer this for that reason.

They also provide a list of the active ingredients and what it's supposed to do. A lot of the product is sunflower oil (which may explain the new packaging). I didn't use the sunflower oil on my face but this product has several differences with its predecessor:

Human Heart Nature Overnight Elixir

The bottle is made of glass and contains a lot less product (1 oz). As you can see, the entire thing can fit between my thumb and index finger. The HHR sunflower oil was made of plastic and was prone to collecting dirt on the side. The way this product is packaged, it doesn't get filthy. However, this bottle is prone to breakage so I dare not move this around, and have had several mini-heart attacks while using it.

The dropper is very strange for me because you press the top of the dropper (pushed like a button, actually) to get the product. If you're familiar with the Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate, then this is very similar to it. To use: press once after unscrewing the bottle, then take the dropper out and let the drops fall naturally. The dropper can't pick up much product, but I need much less than what gets picked up.

Human Heart Nature Overnight Elixir Dropper
The serum itself is clear to lightly straw-colored and on the runny side. It also doesn't spread as easily as the Body Shop Drops of Youth. The HHR Overnight Elixir needs 3 drops for a light application on both my face and neck after bathing. It absorbs slowly for a serum (even compared to an oil like the Bobby Brown Extra Face Oil): around an hour. I can't put any other skincare products over this during that time. In the meanwhile, it gives a nice glow as long as it's not applied too thickly.

Warning: This product is meant to be applied lightly! Don't put too much on your skin or you might break out.

The best part for me is the smell - which is a mix that includes rosemary and lavender- that helps put me to sleep at night. I wake up with soft, moisturised skin which lasts through the morning wash. Because of this, I end up not using anything on my face but sunblock after cleansing (even if I know I'm not supposed to) without any visible repercussions.

I would buy this when I run out, but since I need so little - this will last a very long time - I won't need any replacement anytime soon. This is the oil that I placed in the Bobby Brown sample bottle, and while I'm on my second refill already, I still have around 3/4 left.

For those who want to buy it, you can get it cheaper (and sometimes with freebies) at their website. Promos change and appear sporiadically.

Edit: Reviewed Human Heart Nature's Pure Rosehip Oil too :)


  1. Human Nature's Overnight Elixir is one of my favourite skincare products of all time! But it may not work for everyone. And I love the fact that it's so affordable compared to other beauty serums.

  2. It's good, isn't it? :) And it's especially nice to get in on sale. I'm on my second bottle, myself now.