Friday, May 27, 2016

Human Heart Nature Pure Rosehip Oil

Late one night, as I was moving from one room to another, I dropped my bottle of Human Heart Nature Overnight Elixir... and it broke! There was still around a fifth of product left so I was very disappointed. Luckily, I already purchased my next oil.

Human Heart Nature Overnight Elixir (left) and Pure Rosehip Oil (right)
A photo before that fateful night.

Big and little, side by side.

Human Heart Nature Pure Rosehip Oil with Box
So, I've been using the Human Heart Nature Pure Rosehip Oil for a while and I think it'd be useful to compare this with its "big sister". You can see that the Overnight Elixir is the bigger one at P1295 for 30 ml while the Rosehip Oil is P750 for 15 ml, making the Rosehip Oil just a bit more expensive. Aside from the size and color, both are similar in terms of packaging, glass bottle, dropper and all. So watch out for breakage!

Human Heart Nature Pure Rosehip Oil Dropper

The oil itself is, however, slightly different in texture and scent. It's a bit more yellow, thicker and it has a non-smell. I find that I have to use a drop or two more since it doesn't spread as well as the Overnight Elixir. It doesn't make me feel as happy to use it either since it neither relaxes nor invigorates. And as time passed, I noticed that my face got a bit bumpier... as such, I've scaled back its use to every other day or so and noticed some improvement. Which is a bit sad since sometimes, I'd use the Overnight Elixir twice in one day with no ill effects. In the interest of full disclosure, I started using this at the heart of summer which may have exacerbated the bumpiness. The improvement with less use is still quite telling. The only good thing I've found in this product is that it's still a really effective moisturiser.

Human Heart Nature Pure Rosehip Oil Bottle

I've yet to try it on actual scars and those dealing with them might have better results than I did.

Will I buy again? No. I'd recommend the Human Heart Nature Overnight Elixir over this.


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  2. Hi Cara!

    Tish of Human Nature here. :-)

    Thanks for trying our Pure Rosehip Oil. You are correct, it's thicker than the Overnight Elixir and because it's thicker and made for the body, we recommend using Rosehip Oil for spot treating scars on the face (so yeah, the bumps on your face are probably because Rosehip Oil was too viscous!). If you're switching back to Overnight Elixir, please let us know if your skin improves! :-)

    Tish Martinez-Castillo

    1. Thanks, I'll probably try to use it like that instead.