Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sample Bottles: Washing and Recycling

Remember an old post of mine about Bobby Brown Extra Face Oil? Well, I may not be able to buy the  full size, but this little bottle is about to host another goodie. Stay tuned!

Bobby Brown Extra Face Oil

How to wash:

1. Clean with dishwashing liquid and hot water: A few drops of dishwashing liquid will do, especially if concentrated. It doesn't have to be antibacterial, but it has to get rid of all the dirt and grime it may have acquired. I like to fill half the bottle, add the dropper, and fill completely before shaking both as one. Rinse well, at least 3 times. When using a tap, put the narrow part of the dropper (instead of the fat end) closer to the faucet to keep it from breaking accidentally if it's made of glass.

2. Clean with alcohol. I do the same thing as with the soap, but let the alcohol soak longer. This will remove anything living on it. As usual, it may be harder to clean the dropper: I ended up doing a second round of alcohol with it. I generally don't clean the aspirator (black thingy) with alcohol. Some people use vinegar or vodka but I like plain rubbing alcohol best.

3. Leave overnight on clean tissue. Make sure the mouths are exposed to air so that the inside will dry out completely.

Fill with product the next day.

Travel sized. Recycled.

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