Monday, October 31, 2016

Human Heart Nature: Pure Strength Shampoo

I bought this nearly a year ago, and I recently checked the website, so you might be looking at a different bottle, but this is review is for HHN's Pure Strength shampoo.

I've been using this shampoo sporiadically when it gets particularly hot or when I feel particularly Christmas-y. And I've been loving it but...

Not exactly black, it's a runny grey natural shampoo that cleanses but doesn't lather well. It leaves a slightly tingling sensation that doesn't last long but feels quite nice while it's on. I have no complaints with how it looks and feels.

I'm not sure if the price is the same as before but it costs around P150 ($4). This is a bit cheaper than some of their offerings and cleanses hair better than some natural shampoos without leaving residue. I doesn't, however, work for my flakes. I think this would work on actual dandruff though (natural flakes, not from another condition). I like it because it gives a good cleaning to your scalp with the minty feeling I love.

The newer bottle has the same formulation is the same according to HHN's website. It comes with cruelty free bunny ears and a recyclable bottle. I actually want to use it again since it seems like a great option with regards to cleaning ability, feeling and price now that I'm out.


It seems that HHN has succumbed (like Dove, more on that later) to marketing dandruff as a man's problem. I'm really not OK with that.

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