Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dove Whitening Unscented

I can't believe that I'm actually on my second stick of Dove Whitening Unscented Deodorant. It's very rare for me to buy two of the same products in a row, but here we are.

Dove Whitening Unscented Deodorant

I bought this product because it's a solid and it's unscented. In the Philippines, roll-ons are the most popular variant with solids and sachets coming second and aerosols last. After years of liquid formulations, I decided to go back to solids because, most liquids do have some drying time and I decided to cut that part out for the mean time. I also chose something unscented because this was my summer deodorant (and I layer). It's also difficult to find something unscented over here where near everything is fragranced.

This version is 20g and I bought the same because I wasn't sure if I'd like to commit to a bigger size (the biggest one contains 74g of product). As you can see here, it's not really "sulit" since, aside from the price difference, a significant amount of product still remains that you can't use unless you're either willing to irritate your skin or willing to scrape off the remains. I'd recommend using the second option if ever. But if not, buying the larger versions are better if you're willing to commit.

The main ingredients of this product are pretty standard. I was happy with it though it did not keep me feeling fresh for 48 hours. Buy itself, it's closer to 24 during normal days and 12 during those with a heavy workload. It really is unscented and is great for layering. On the other hand, despite it's name it also did not whiten my underarm area. It did not darken the area though, so that's a plus.

Dove Unscented Deodorant Ingredients

The downside of all solid forms is that it's a bit more difficult to take off in the shower. However, I like the fact that I'm sure there's a protective anti-friction silicone barrier that stays on after application of solids rather than liquids. Cyclopentasiloxane, the main ingredient in most solids, is an emollient that is supposed to have some antiperspirant properties.

 If I remember correctly, the 20g version costs around ~P76 (~$1.5). The bigger ones give better value for money.

Will I buy again? Probably not now. I'd like to try the Pure version next.

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