Thursday, June 23, 2016

Human Heart Nature: Natural Conditioner Strengthening

For some reason, I've been trying a lot of more natural products, and Human Heart Nature is one of the most accessible, wallet friendly brands here in the Philippines. One of the things I've picked up from a local supermarket is their Natural Conditioner Strengthening which has the scent of Soothing Aloe.

Human Heart Natural Conditioner Strengthening in Soothing Aloe
This line is supposed to be strengthening for brittle, falling hair and is sulfate, silicone and paraben free and costs around P150 ($3.5) for 200ml on the website. I think this tube was a bit more expensive since I picked it up elsewhere, so watch the price where you buy.

The conditioner is an opaque cream that comes easily out of the tube and is true to the aloe scent. The scent is mild though and will only last a few hours after. The first three ingredients are water, cetearyl alcohol and cetrimonium chloride so these comprise the bulk of the formula, while the next are a mix of oils. You can zoom in on the back for the full list of ingredients. Unlike your usual silicone-y shampoos, these don't contain quite as much slip, which while better for rinsing your hair and for floors, means that I have to use a bit more... which is why my tube is almost empty. This is the same for most silicone free conditioners I've tried - it's usually a bit more expensive than its counterpart and you usually use 2x more product. On the other hand, it takes quite a bit less time to rinse off and doesn't leave that super slippery feeling.

Human Heart Nature Natural COnditioner Strengthening Ingredients

I can't account for its hair fall reduction due to brittleness since my hair isn't brittle, but it is good enough that no new split ends have emerged. It also keeps it sufficiently soft and frizz free.

Another plus for those interested is that aside from being natural, it's also reportedly cruelty free. Expiration date is also neatly stamped (but then you'd use it up way before).

I'd recommend this for those who want natural, cruelty free products for a cause and also for those who don't like slippery floors. For those who are more budget conscious, the largest size is around P300 for 500 ml, which is a much better deal than the 200 ml tube - but you can opt for the P50 for 50 ml size to try it out first. However, this won't give you the same smoothness and shine that silicones are known for, and those who want that might want to stick to silicones instead.

Will I buy again? Maybe. I already have another conditioner I want to try after this runs out :P

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