Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Clear Anti-Dandruff Nourishing Shampoo

Okay, I bought this just coz it kept popping up in my feed for some reason, but I have no regrets! At P50 for 80 ml, I was able to see if Clear Anti-Dandruff Nourishing Shampoo is for me.

Clear Anti-Dandruff Nourishing Shampoo

Special selling point: Sakura fragrance claim! Not very Fall-Winter/Wet/Cold weather appropriate, so this may have affected my perception of it :P

So how was it? Product dispenses as a thick white cream. The scent is, while pleasing, actually pretty mild and dissipates in an hour or so. It smells a bit sweeter and stronger than actual cherry blossoms, but it's how most sakura scented products are done anyway. It's definitely on the lighter side: The scent doesn't match with the much stronger Bath and Body Works' Cherry Blossom line, which isn't a true rendering either, but could be a light prelude if you can't find something that matches.

Clear Anti-Dandruff Nourishing Shampoo (Back)

Active Ingredient: Zinc

Aside from being non-mentholated, the mild sweet scent (so very unlike antidandruff shampoos) combined with anti-dandruff activity are its selling point. I find that it's a bit slower to take full effect, around 3-4 weeks, but that's just me (my reaction could be due to personal chemistry or the current weather).

Would I buy this again? Probably not. Let's try more shampoo!

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