Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Coffee Shops in Ortigas

Ages and ages ago, I posted a tiny little thing about Subspace Coffee House, a coffee shop of a different breed from Starbucks long before the term "Third Wave" hit the country. Since then, I've tried different cafes without fully committing to any, cards not withstanding. I haven't been back in the shop for the past few years until recently. Ortigas, in particular, has a lot of coffee shops without even including the Kapitolyo area. Some notable sources of caffeine:
  • Craft Coffee Revolution at Podium*
  • Starbucks Reserve at Sapphire Rd
  • Mr. Parks Bread and Cake at Garnet Rd
  • Subspace Coffee House at Emerald Ave
  • The Breadery at Emerald Ave
  • Tully's Coffee at Exchange Rd
  • Toby's Estate at Ruby Rd
*While Craft is located inside a mall, which is major minus points for me, it has very good coffee.

This used to be a longer post with a little something about Subspace Coffee House. I've since decided to split and link my previous Ortigas coffee shop posts here instead.

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