Thursday, November 12, 2015

Starbucks Sapphire

Starbucks Reserve at Sapphire St., Pasig City is like your normal Starbucks, but a bit more.

They have a wider selection of food along with higher ceilings.

This branch has a wooden, nautical theme that matches well with the expansiveness of the place. It's not the best looking branch, nor the cosiest, but it's not your usual either. It has an understated "luxe" feel that you don't often feel in a chain.

Is a Starbucks Reserve for you?

If you're interested in trying the special, Clover-brewed coffees and the wider food selection, then yes. If you're getting a flavored drink then you don't have to seek this place out. I'm not sure how often they change their menu, but they only had two single origin coffees the last few times I was there. One was a hit, the other, a bit of a miss.

The beans are freshly ground and prepared in front of you. Hot coffee was served in special paper cups a step up from your usual ones (better to show where your cup came from, I think). I would have preferred a mug though…

I will definitely go back here to try the special drinks, but not too much as turn-over doesn't seem to be that fast.

This post will be linked to another post which I will use as my Ortigas Coffee Masterlist.

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