Friday, July 24, 2015

The Giving Tea Organic Green Tea

It's the little things that make life better, and one of the things that have made me happy is The Giving Tea's Organic Green Tea that R picked up for around 200 Baht (P260, $5). Its 100% certified organic status, is something that might draw people in, but there are other things that I like about it.

The Giving Tea Organic Green Tea

The tin, as you can see, is opaque and a bit battered for its journey to the Philippines. I like that it gives the expiration date and instructions for brewing right on the back of the tin. Less savvy drinkers like me who can never seem to remember the right temperatures and steeping times never have to be confused about how to prepare it. And since it already has a proper container, I don't have to worry about where to store it.

The tea bag is pyramidal, to better diffuse the tea and has a nifty little paper tab so that the string doesn't get lost. If you look closely, you see that you get real leaves and not the dust you get with some alternatives.

However, there is still some debate on how safe the mesh bags really are, and if you are concerned, it's best to use it as a loose leaf tea by cutting the bag. The leaves are a bit small, but it's possible to drink, especially if you use a good tea strainer instead. If you regularly use mesh tea bags, then it shouldn't be a concern.

The company complies with Good Manufacturing Practice. Each tin contains 7 bags of tea, which works out to around P40 per cup. This is not the cheapest green tea to buy tinned, but it gives a mild, sweet but slightly nutty flavor you can enjoy at home.

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