Friday, April 17, 2015

Colgate Optic White

Summer is here, and aside from the standard body shaping and hair removal, teeth whitening is one of the IN procedures people want. It may seem weird to include teeth in the beach ready body… but I guess tanned faces look nicer with whiter smiles.

I on the other hand got this toothpaste + toothbrush combo of Colgate Optic White because it was on offer for P99.

I began using both toothpaste and toothbrush twice a day after meals and after 4 days...

I got noticeably whiter teeth!

Now, this version of Optic White doesn't seem to have any optic brighteners, but the toothpaste does contain hydrogen peroxide, good for bleaching. I haven't tried the newer variants (with stated optic brighteners) and other brands with optic brighteners, but I'm quite happy with this one. However, since unlike other versions, this doesn't promise to keep the stain off so I can't drink my tea and coffee as I usually like it if I want to preserve the color.

I don't recommend this product for long term use. Even though it says its enamel safe, it could weaken both teeth and gums. Currently, I use this 4 days a week and switch with a non-whitening toothpaste for the other three days. I've seen a slight improvement since the first week but it's not very drastic.

I will finish this tube, but I think next time I need a whitening boost, I think I'd go for the one with stain protection.

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