Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review: Vitress Hair Polish (Sun Polish)

Vitress Hair Polish (Sun Protect)
Ever since my dye job, I've had drier hair than usual. So I looked into my stash and found this! It's an old bottle of Vitress, as you can see. It's a white cream that comes in a screw cap tube. Anyway, while this claims to protect your hair from the sun, I doubt it could be adequate protection, because you don't need to cover your hair that much unless you want your hair greasy (and sunscreens only really work if you're slathered in it).

You don't need a generous amount, but there's no need to scrimp either. This is small, cheap and travel friendly so it's nice to bring around. I might buy a new tube sometime in the future, but I'm looking into oils and other methods of correcting the dryness. Don't be fooled into buying this because of its "sun protect" label, but don't be afraid of trying it out either.

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