Thursday, May 30, 2013

May: Finished!

Things I’ve Recently Finished: *

1.     Suave Juicy Green Apple Shampoo and Conditioner: Two very meh products when used together. I bought it because I like green apple, and apple scents in general. I liked the shampoo because it cleaned my scalp well, as well as providing a nice rich lather. Unfortunately, the conditioner was a bit too light for my hair. While they're nice to use in the shower, the scent dissipates in one to two hours under normal weather conditions. I did not use these products separately. 
2.     Neutrogena Hydro Boost Essence: Same as February's post, the short review is here. I did like it, but I think my skin might be better served by something else.
3.     Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo: I like this shampoo because I could use it to remove build up every 10 days or so, or whenever I used an oil treatment of my hair. It has a nice, clean scent with good lather, even when using a little product. Since I didn't use it everyday, a shampoo with a price tag of less than P200 lasted for more than a year.
4. Vaseline Healthy Hands and Nails Lotion: I haven't noticed my hands and nails getting any stronger, but it does moisturize them well, and sinks in pretty quickly. My only problem with this is that the tube is a bit fat, so it's a bit awkward to maneuver on-the-go. I end up leaving it at home. 

I've been going through bars and bars of Nivea and Dove creme soaps. I much prefer the Dove soaps by virtue of their shape, smell and lather. I tried the Dove 7-day challenge on my face and ... no. It really doesn't work on my poor acne-prone face. Creme soaps melt quicker than the usual bar soaps. While it is not necessary to use a sponge to trap excess moisture on the soap, especially considering its price, make sure that there are no puddles anywhere near your soap dish.


*No pictures. Lack of decent camera woes, as usual. Plus I’m lazy (see my name).

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