Saturday, May 4, 2013

Highlands Coffee Eton

There's a new coffee shop in town! I've noticed that I've been caring more about food posts than beauty posts right now. Maybe because I don't have the funds for the latter? Also, I really have no Idea where my camera is so.... cellphone pictures all the way!

The first drink I've tried there is:

Cafe Sua Da at Highlands Coffee
Cafe Sua Da
It costs P129 ($3) for a tall glass of vietnamese coffee with condensed milk. It takes a while for all the coffee to go down. Vietnamese coffee is a bit strong for me, so I wouldn't drink it without condensed milk.
Highlands Coffee
Highlands Coffee
 The bar is well stocked with pastries, and some fresh fruits. They also have sandwiches. Unfortunately,  I doubt I'd be spending much on their food since they are a bit expensive.

Highlands Promo
I went on their soft opening so I was able to score some BOGO coupons and a loyalty card. You can only use one at a time. I'm hoping there's no expiration on each -there's no date stamped anywhere :)

Cafe Sua Da Done!
Cafe Sua Da Done
This is how the drink looks after mixing! Their freezes are also yummy, but fattening.

A purchase comes with one hour free wifi. This makes me kind of sad since it doesn't encourage people loitering in the shop, and free wifi is one of the reasons I go to coffee shops in the first place. It also has few outlets, so charge before you enter. It does have some tablets on some tables, which I haven't used: maybe these have free wifi?

What's best about this place is that it's open 24/7 - one of the few places open in ortigas on Sundays!

Also, there's a Chatime opening beside it. Yay!

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