Sunday, July 30, 2017

XtraCare Acne Body Wash

As I’ve previously stated, I’ve been moving about and am now in a different city in the Philippines. As such, my routine was pared down significantly, as seen in my last shelf. Out of all the items there, one product is a definite repurchase: XtraCare Acne Body Wash.

I got this at the Dollar Store, and it was a bit more expensive than their usual fair, costing around P130. I wouldn’t normally buy skincare there, even for the body, but I decided to be adventurous. I tried this because it compared to Neutrogena’s Body Clear Body Wash, a product I haven’t tried due to limited availability. I did really like their facial wash, so I decided to try this. Why? Because they explicitly stated at the back that it had a salicylic acid content of 2% and it was quite cheap for 12 ounces or 354 ml of product. Other ingredients are also stated at the back, along with the batch number, production date and expiration date.

To use, put a coin sized amount into palms and lather on your back, or any other areas prone to both break outs and ingrown hairs. It may look like the Neutrogena wash but it’s significantly runnier. It also smells awful. Thankfully, I the scent doesn’t last past rinsing. I don’t have much bacne, but I did have more during the summer – and I noticed a significant spot difference after around 2 weeks of use. It helped a bit in reducing ingrown hairs. I have never tried this on my face and am a bit wary. If you have tried this product on your face, feel free to comment on how it was.

Unfortunately, I rarely have a chance to go to Dollar Stores – unlike its Korean/Japanese counterparts. I will definitely repurchase this product if I see it again because it’s cheap and works quite well. I recommend this for those with body acne who have a tight budget.

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