Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Victoria's Secret Secret Craving

Looks like I'm ending the year on a sweet note:

I thought that I had finished this ages ago but I have a little bit left after all.

This body butter is very sweet and fruity, labelled as black currant and vanilla scented, and hits you as soon as you open the tub. Inside is a pinkish cream too solid to be a regular lotion, but liquid enough to spread easily with a little warming.

On the skin, its very sweet and heady once it heats up with my normal body temperature. And it lasts all day, or night, as I prefer to use it. This will not last for both though.

No complaints here. I just wish I had more...

Not sure if its still available as VS does tend to change its product line regularly but this was originally $12 (~600 Pesos) For 185gs of product.

FYI: There is a VS store now here in the Philippines but I've never shopped there. Anything they carry is probably more expensive than their US prices.

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