Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bench Organics 94% Aloe Gel

I have finally decided to post my review of Bench Organics 94% Aloe Soothing Gel.

This product claims to be nonsticky, quick absorbing and moisturizing.

It took me so long to post because it took me a while to find out what kind of relationship I had with it.

Is this nonsticky?

Its slightly sticky but not too much and this feeling doesn't last long because...

Is this quick absorbing?
Yes. It absorbs in less than 10 minutes, but...

Is this moisturizing?
I thought so at first. It was very cooling and soothing such that I began applying it everytime I got an itch.

I began to get itchier and started applying it more often. It felt so good after! I placed it everywhere. But I began itching more. At first, I  thought it was stress.

But it took near emptying the tub to realize what really caused it.

As soon as I stopped, my itching rapidly reduced. I am now trying to reverse the damage this product has brought. It may well take a year to reverse a month long mistake :(

Suffice to say, I will not buy this again. I believe it may have some benefit.. like how the Nature Republic aloe gel helped my scalp... But once burned... Well, you know?

Better quit those toxic relationships.


  1. I knew it! Buti na lang d ako bumili. The moment I tried it on my skin, it felt a bit tight, parang may alcohol content na ewan. I'll stick to aloederma I guess, nanghinayang lang ako kasi mura :)

    1. Yep, buti na lang! Save your money and buy something else instead!