Thursday, April 28, 2016

Overpriced Coffee: La Lola Churreria

Not all coffee is created equal. Factor in its processing and its presentation and you get very a very different experience: sludge or liquid gold.

I'm not that picky, and I like to drink coffee, period: My liquids can range from 3-in-1s at home to specially prepared roasts and fancy coffee shops. However, when I do go to the latter places, I admit that I expect more from it: taste doesn't just come from flavor after all.

Which is why I am extremely disappointed with La Lola Churreria: their service in general and their coffee in particular. While I admit that this is a churreria and not a coffee shop, they do sell their Iced Mocha, Large for P130 - which is what I ordered.

Here are the three strikes.

First offence: They ran out of whipped cream, and they did not tell me about it.

I had to wait for ages for my drink while my friend got hers quite quickly. And I wouldn't have known about the lack thereof had I not gone to the counter to ask why.

Second offence: Leaky cups.

When they finally gave me my order, I found that I had two cups stacked onto each other because, surprise, the cup was leaking. When I asked about it, I was basically told that yes (duh) it was leaking and gave my cup back to me.

La Lola Churreria Iced Coffee, P130
You're honestly better off at McDo.

Third offence: Powdery, gritty coffee.

And you're out!

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