Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Kao Shong Smooth and Creamy Thai Coffee

Kao Shong Smooth and Creamy Thai Coffee at P44.50 for a pack of 5 sachets is a bit steep for a 3-in-1 coffee.

Looks good, but is it worth buying?

What I like? Each 20g packet is labeled with the percentage of ingredients, something most Philippine 3-in-1's lack. It also has explicit and easy to understand instructions. In other words, the packaging is quite good.

This variant contains 7% coffee, 51.42% non-dairy creamer, 40% sugar, 0.98% skimmed milk. I'm not sure what the 0.6 percent left is, but I would guess some sort of contaminant which is found in most foods.

Since this is mostly sugar and creamer, it is mostly sweet and creamy, but not enough to overwhelm - making it very easy to drink quickly unlike some other brands that I find are too sweet to drink quickly. What makes it special? It has an earthy, rich undertone different from other instant coffees (around the same price point) in the Philippines. Like most 3-in-1s, the caffeine dose is low but the sugar is high and it gives as much kick as its counterparts.

Will I buy it again? Yes! While it's a bit on the expensive side (more on 2 for P9 coffees - good for the wallet, bad for the body and the environment), it's worth having as an occasional instant coffee on rotation.

On a side note, I wish brands here in the Philippines would make more 3-in-1 variants in jars instead of sachets. While I understand their use here in the Philippines, I'd like a for home alternative that doesn't impact the environment as much.

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