Monday, November 9, 2015

Budget Instant Coffees: Nescafe Original 3in1 and Great Taste Original 3-in-1 Coffee Mix

When I said that Kao Shong was expensive, I was comparing it to these:

Twin Pack: Nescafe Original 3in1 (left) Great Taste Original 3-in-1 Coffee Mix (right)

Both Nescafe and Great Taste offer twin packs that cost P9 for 2 packs, or P4.50 a cup ($0.10).

Now, that's a price that's hard to beat.

Granted, I'd like to see a jar version so I'd use sachets less, but this at this price point, I can't really complain.

Why use these packets instead of making your own? Personally, a jar of the instant coffee only has a much stronger coffee taste and caffeine kick, and you can add sugar and cream to match your own preferences. But when you want to save those precious few seconds and get the same taste everytime, 3-in-1s are for you. It's also great when creating iced drinks because they have either just the right level of sweetness (or are best diluted that way).

The Great Taste original coffee is actually sweeter and the Nescafe original is creamier. They both have their good points, but being from the Philippines were Nescafe has had a dominant influence in my childhood coffee experience, I do prefer Nescafe most times of the day (especially for the early morning cup). The other is more of a dessert alternative when I'm craving something sweet.

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