Saturday, October 3, 2015

Romeo and Juliet 2015

Tonight was Ballet Manila's first Romeo and Juliet for October 2015. At first I wasn't quite sure about it as the dancers, especially the danseurs, were very badly synced: some too fast, others too slow.

Fortunately, as the show progressed, I found all leads to be strong with some interesting choreography going on. My only qualm by that point was the balcony scene: while well done, I felt that the levels between Romeo and Juliet could have been played with more. But that's just me.

Special mention to how expressive Juliet's face was.

All in all, I enjoyed the performance. The only true sour point was seeing bits of the audience leave early. It was a good performance and to leave like that is disrespectful.

Ballet Manila will be performing Romeo and Juliet until this Sunday.


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