Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Human Heart Nature

With Human Heart Nature being so accessible, either online or through several stores in malls nationwide, I'd never thought I'd want to visit its flagship store. Located at 463 Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, it's not the easiest places to go to, but I went because Human Heart Nature has their Switch to Goodness campaign which gives you a 30% discount of their products when you trade in clean containers of the same product type.

That was a really good incentive.

I got there and inside was something completely unexpected.

Human Heart Nature Commonwealth

The store is quite spacious with a lot of counters for the surprisingly steady traffic of customers that come to the area. There are actual testers so you can get the feel of products, which you won't get anywhere else. Unfortunately, there was no tester of their Rosehip oil - which I was very interested in trying out- because it was sold out. I did end up buying another bottle of the Human Heart Nature Overnight Elixir, among other things.

The store is divided into two areas: one with most of their products for personal and home care which can be seen above. The other is for their cafe area in which they display edibles.

Human Heart Nature Commonwealth
(finger not included)

There are a few chairs, tables and couches were you can sit and enjoy a sample of their coffee. There's also a small children's play area.

Human Heart Nature Commonwealth
I just wish the coffee was labeled properly so I knew what I was drinking. Just as well, I have a few beans lined up so I wouldn't be able to commit to a bag anyway…

I really enjoyed my time inside the store so I'll definitely come back soon.

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