Friday, August 21, 2015

Singin' In The Rain, August 2015

Last night, I watched the first performance of Singin' in the Rain at Solaire. As usual, especially at opening night, the show started later than expected. Thankfully, not as long as I expected it to be. It also had the smoothness of a first show: meaning none at all. There were certain glitches in the sound system, and the show had to stall for 20 mins in the second act due to technical difficulties. There was also a misguided rainshower during intermission.

As to the show itself, it was nothing spectacular, but enjoyable nonetheless. Its very like Wonderbread: very white, lacking depth but with its own appeal. The story is very very simple but enlived by humor and a (bland) romance. While the singers were fine, the songs catchy but don't hold true substance. The best parts were actually the dancing, and the risk of serious damage when done on slippery flooring. The setting is old America, with fantastic clothing and casually sexist attitudes.

Its actually very feel good, cheesy Hollywood goodness that's very rom-com movie style; which explains its success as a movie (the original).

Is this a musical to watch? I actually recommend La Cage Aux Folles more if you're tight on money but this 'aint bad at all. If you're looking for a live old Hollywood feel movie with better sounds (and the possibility of getting wet), this show will be running in Solaire!

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