Monday, June 15, 2015

DIY Hair Bleach Hortaleza Professional

Before you start DIY Hair Bleaching, you should either know what you're doing or accept whatever mistakes you make. Color correction is expensive and you're better off going to a salon if you aren't willing to laugh at and live with your mistakes. There are some great, inexpensive salons out there and vouchers are available for some others. If you still want to try DIYing your hair bleaching, then continue.

You will need:
1) Bleach Powder - Hortaleza Professional Hair Bleach Powder (below)
2) Developer - Hortaleza Oxidizing Lotion 12% (below)
3) Tinting Brush - brand forgotten (unknown)
4) Non-metal Bowl - repurposed Victoria's Secret Body Butter tub
5) Gloves - I used latex gloves, but vinyl prefereed
6) Clamps - not pictured
7) Shampoo - not pictured

In addition, I'd recommend having:
1) Hair treatment - Cream Silk Hair Treatment (a remnant of years ago before a packaging change, maybe I should review this in the future)
2) Cape - I recycled the capelet from the Richenna Bubble Dye set. Also, use the grottiest clothes you own while doing this.
3) Detachable showerhead - makes clean-up easy
4) Good ventilation - to get rid of that ammonia-bleach parlor smell
5) Friend - to help with the hard to reach areas

Get all your things ready. Make sure to prepare your bathroom by taking out anything that you don't want bleached or laying out newspapers to catch anything as you would by dyeing.

Put on gloves and mix your bleach powder and developer. The Hortaleza Professional Hair Bleach Powder is a blue tinted powder, though it can't be seen well in the picture. Empty a single packet for short hair reaching around chin level. You'll need more for longer hair.

Hortaleza Professional Hair Bleach Powder

Make sure you have your ventilators on as you add the developer with a 1:1 ratio.  I used the 12% because I have very dark hair. Mix with the tint brush.

Hortaleza Professional Hair Bleaching Powder + Oxidizing Lotion 12%

Use the tint brush to apply on hair. Ideally, you'll have person help you reach the back areas, else you might miss areas of your head. Apply around an inch from your scalp, using clamps to segment your hair. Go back for the roots after 15 minutes.

I followed the instructions on the back of the packet, but realized the time wasn't long enough to bleach my oily roots. It's better to judge by the color - I removed mine once I saw lightening at the roots by rinsing until the water ran from blue to clear, and then shampooing once. The bleaching process turns your hair into straw so make sure to use a good hair treatment both immediately after and the weeks to come.

The Hortaleza Professional Hair Bleaching Powder and Oxidizing Lotion bleaches well. Unfortunately, it does this by damaging hair and your sense of smell. If you don't mind the hassle, the set cots less than P200.

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