Saturday, April 11, 2015

Richenna Bubble Dye

This was bought last year during one of the sales and came with a free nail polish, as seen below. I forgot how much this costs, but it was less than P300. I bought this Richenna Bubble Dye in 1L Light Brown because I knew it wouldn't turn out that way with my coarse dark hair, and it didn't disappoint.

Richenna Bubble Dye in 1L Light Brown

This bubble dye kit is composed of:
1. Dispenser
2. Bottle of developer
3. Bottle of dye
4. Conditioner
5. 1 set gloves and capelet
6. Instructions on paper (not pictured)

What doesn't come with the kit, but you will need is:
1. Cotton swab
2. Clips
3. Towel that's reserved for dye

Richenna Bubble Dye Components

One thing I like about bubble dyes is that the dye and developer come in separate sealable bottles unlike most traditional dyes where the developer is in the applicator. Aside from the fact that it's pretty hard to break or unseal the top of the bottle properly in a non-bubble kit, it dissuades patch testing. Here, I used a cotton swab and one of the caps and mixed a small but equal amount of each bottle and test on skin for 48 hours.

Richenna Bubble Dye and Developer Bottle
Another thing I like is that the bottles are marked for different hair lengths: 25g for short hair, the whole bottle for medium length hair and get another 25g for a set for longer hair, maybe 2 bottles total for super long hair.

I put the appropriate amount from both bottles into the dispenser. DO NOT SHAKE. Turn it upside down a few times gently so that foam and pressure doesn't build on the inside.

On an unrelated note, I love how this kit's dispenser is actually shaped like a bubble.

I used a clip to secure the capelet around my shoulders, then another to section my hair into 2 large bits (upper and lower head). Some people prefer not to section (which you CAN do with bubble dye) or still section it like you do non-bubble dyes. I like to divide my hair into two so I'm sure not to miss any bits of hair. I then placed on the gloves and did most of my hair except for the roots.

If you want to move around the house and don't have a dedicated shower cap, do as I do and clip the capelet around your head and turn your capelet into a DIY shower cap! Also, while the instructions say to leave it on for 20 minutes, I left the dye on my hair for 30 minutes before adding it to my roots and waiting another 15 minutes.

After rinsing with water until clear, I used the conditioner on my hair and dried using a towel. The towel I use is on the darker side and reserved for hair coloring. Here's the result after a few washes:

As expected, even with a longer-than-usual application, my hair is still a dark brown. I can't picture it properly since the lighter ashy brown to copper tones don't really show up unless under direct sunlight. I quite like the result, especially since there was always a risk of my hair turning copper-orange!

If you have coarse hair, I would recommend a total of 45 minutes of dye time since I feel that you'd go orange if you wait any longer. People with finer hair might stick to the recommended time instead.

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