Monday, May 18, 2015

Saizen Instant Noodles

The country is crazy about ramen. Unfortunately, there few sources of ramen that can be considered both good and affordable. One of the best instant noodles I've tried is from Nissin and are found in Daiso/Saizen Japan. I bought these when they were 70% off and about to go off but they retail for P88 normally.

This is the   noodle bowl I'm talking about. Each cooks for around 3 minutes, use 420 ml of water and contain a whopping 497 Cals. The red one comes with a little tempura piece and a spice packet set. To make, put 420 ml of boiling water in the bowl along with the bigger half of the spice packet (the one on top of the fork).

I love the Nissin soba noodles because they both look and taste good. I like it more than the ones at Family Mart, and for around the same price. After three minutes, you should see the results below:

They look great, and taste quite differently from local instant noodles. It's not quite as good as the real thing but the price and energy value is quite nice.

Add the tempura piece and the smaller half of the spice packet:

Eat and enjoy!

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