Thursday, May 7, 2015

April Empties: Watsons Hand Soap Refills and Herbal Essences Color Me Happy

Last April, I was finally able to finish my hand soap refills from Watsons from their P109 BOGO promo and my Herbal Essences Color Me Happy shampoo and conditioner! It's not much but I was really happy to get rid of some stuff in my bathroom.

For the hand soaps, I got the Lavender Gel and Honey and Cream Cream (not pictured) 500 ml refill packs. I like the Honey and Cream soap more because it's a more unique scent and since it's a cream, it leaves my hands more moisturised. I like that it's quite cheap compared to other hand soap options (especially as a refill), but it's not quite as cheap as Daiso's* P88 for a 1liter bottle option. I find that I get tired of having the same hand soap after a while so I'll probably buy more from the brand, especially their creamier options, if other scents catch my eye.

Herbal Essences Color Me Happy

As for the shampoo and conditioner, these were inherited from M when she realized I kept using hers. They've been with me for a while, but I've been using them only when I had my hair colored since that's what it's labeled for. I think the packaging has changed, but I do like the way this set looks and pairs together in the bathroom. The set contains Morrocan Rose and Passion Fruit extracts and it smells quite nice - floral with fresh tones. The shampoo contains sulfates that make it lather quite well (something I do love), but might bother those who prefer their hair products sulfate-free, especially for those with color treated hair. I'm not particularly bothered by it since I don't believe in sulfates lifting color, but I do tend to wash my hair more on this product (because it smells so good), which does the opposite of preserving hair color…

I really like how this product smells, and it does a decent job of conditioning my hair without leaving my scalp either dry or oily. I would recommend this product for anyone who loves rose-floral scents, but not particularly for hair color preservation.

*Edited to Daiso, originally Saizen. I get confused :D

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