Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday Salads

I've been eating more salads this summer. By choice. And this is not to lose weight, but because I've found that I get tired of eating hot food on hot days. Salads, with their crisp crunchiness and pops of color, are a cool alternative for those who just can't bear the heat.

A basic salad has ingredients that all come from the ref. Fancier options may involve heat, but laziness and a lack of cooking skills prevent me from doing so. Unfortunately, my basic  salad consisting of pretty leaves + tomatoes + dressing don't really keep me full long so I usually add more protein to the mix.  

If my salad is a snack between meals: add olives and/or cheese.

If my salad is a meal: add tuna.

Salad Lunch

I like putting everything on a plate so that I can see exactly what and how much I'll be eating before I mix it up. It makes my eyes full as well as my tummy.

I never thought I'd see the day where I'd actually like salads, but here we are.

Summer is now a time for ice cream, iced drinks and salads.

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