Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lactacyd Protecting Daily Feminine Wash

I've tried a couple of feminine washes in my life before I've found that water alone is usually enough for everyday use. Though I love the "cooling sensation" some of them have, most of them actually do nothing - a waste of money, I believe. Nonetheless, I still like to stock a bottle in my shower caddie because there are a few occasions I believe that a feminine wash can be helpful:

1. During your period: Because you're not just getting rid of your normal vaginal secretions. It's not just blood, but endometrium coming out of you. It also makes that area a bit more alkaline so some acidity may be helpful.
2. Preventing or during an infection: Some washes contain ingredients that might be helpful in preventing or ameliorating an infection down there (ex. yeast infections).
3. Pre and post surgery

I end up using it just a few times a month, but I see value in having one lying around. I've tried many different feminine washes, but right now I'm using Lactacyd, protecting version. Why this and not the other variants? It's because I really don't use it regularly so I'm unlikely to see any of the other effects (such as claimed in its whitening variant).

Lactacyd Protecting Daily Feminine Wash Packaging
A phrase worth repeating: for external use only!

Lactacyd Protecting Daily Feminine Wash

Why this and not other brands? While I do love the cooling sensation I find with some other brands, I've found that most others really don't do anything that water and a mild soap can do - with a few exceptions. For example, I'd think that for pre and post surgery, I'd prefer using a wash with iodine. Luckily, I don't need to have anything done down under!

While I buy Lactacyd because of its active ingredients, Lactoserum and Lactic Acid, I dislike the fact that this bottle, unlike some other variants, do not contain an actual ingredients list. Note that while the bottles from the Philippines don't seem to have it, the ones imported from Vietnam do.

I'm also glad that I don't use this often because the scent of this wash is very strong and sharp. On the other hand, I'm sure to wash my hand after every use, because I'd rather not have this lingering around. The product itself is a runny liquid that turns creamy when rubbed - it's a bit difficult to get small amount, especially with a large bottle. I get the largest bottle size because the price difference between the smallest and the largest is a lot. The 250 ml bottle is only around P250 while the smallest size at 60 ml is around P60.

As always, wash the product off and dry thoroughly after.

For women succeptible to or with infections, I'd recommend buying this. But I'd like to reiterate, I don't recommend using this daily.

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