Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review: Quizno's + Dakasi

As I am writing this right now, I am trying to drink a Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea. While the servers were cheerful and accomodating - plus points for using forceps to give me tissue - the waiting time was long and the milk tea was very disappointing. They used powdered milk, and boy, did it taste like it. Rather than milk tea, it tasted like a powdered milk drink with pearls. I don't think I'll be able to finish this drink, which is quite a shame as it costs P100. Wish I had bought from Serenitea instead.

On a longer note, I visited Quiznos in Shangri-la Mall!

Quiznos Storefront: Shangri-la

It's a bit small and located at the basement, near the food court, so it's easy to miss if you don't normally stop by that level.

Inside Quiznos: Shangri-la
We came at a slow hour, so it was mostly empty.

Quiznos Sub Sizes
Quiznos' subway sandwiches come in 5", 8", and 11". It's nice to have a visible guide as to how big your order is. Also, they show you their actual bread sizes if you ask. ^^

Ordering at Quiznos
 The menu they've mounted is hard to read. Better read the one on the table.

5" Classic Italian
I ordered a 5" classic Italian for P125- I think. It was much taller than I expected.

5" Classic Italian - Sideways 
And it was really yummy! Unfortunately, it didn't fill up this sloth >.< Wish I got a larger size. I think the 5" is still a snack size. the 8" would be perfect for a meal and 11" for super-hungry times.

Quiznos Trash
Their subs come in these speech bubble shaped trays (I like the fact that you have something to hold on to). You're supposed to drop the contents in the hole after eating and leave tray. Unfortunately, in the Philippines, most people just leave their trays on the tables.

Quiznos Snacks

While I didn't buy any sides, you can buy these as additions to your meal, like in the more familiar Subway. While my sub was delicious, it was a bit pricey - especially since Subway often has promos. I like the subs here more though and will probably eat here again if I have the chance.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Review: Kiehl's 5 Sample Set or the Forehead Diaries 2


So as I said before, I passed by Kiehl's at Shangri-la Mall due to a post I saw over at animetrics. I went into the store and told and NR saleslady that I wanted to try their 5 minute consultation + sample set. The lady made me fill out a form, took two patch(?) tests - one for my forehead and one for my cheeks to tell my skin type - and gave me these five samples:

5 samples + form
 The entire thing took 2 minutes. Store experience: meh.

Now to procede with the review proper...

I originally wanted to post it on facebook for the contest but decided to put it here instead. No big products for me then :'(

In order of application:

Kiehl's Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser (Sample Size - Front)
Kiehl's Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser (Sample Size - Front)

Kiehl's Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser (Sample Size - Back)
Kiehl's Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser (Sample Size - Back)
The active ingredient of this product is 1.5% salicylic acid. It actually has this minty medicinal scent, due to the camphor and menthol, sort of like Salonpas. It's blue, and maybe since I'm scrimping, but it doesn't lather as well as most cleansers. I wouldn't exactly call it a gel because it runs almost like water. I like the "coolness" I smell with this cleanser, but it doesn't feel cool around anywhere except when i hit the sides of my mouth. I like that it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry afterwards - no stinging sensation even with the salicylic acid concentration. This is one of the products I liked in the set.
Kiehl's Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion (Sample Size - Front)
Kiehl's Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion (Sample Size - Front)
Kiehl's Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion (Sample Size - Back)
Kiehl's Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion (Sample Size - Back)
I think the water and alcohol are supposed to be the cleaners here? There is some witch hazel, which could help the skin, but it's written after the camphor and menthol. There is also Sodium PCA, which probably keeps it from being too harsh. This one is also blue and smells like Salonpas. This is a liquid, and tends to spill, so I might have lost most of it prematurely (I got only 5 washes :( ). It's not a fault of the product, it's mine and the packaging. But for some reason (and in addition to that), even with my usual application, I end up popping zits when I use this toner, so I'm not really fond of it.

Kiehl's Blue Herbal Moisturizer (Sample Size - Front)
Kiehl's Blue Herbal Moisturizer (Sample Size - Front)
Kiehl's Blue Herbal Moisturizer (Sample Size - Back)
Kiehl's Blue Herbal Moisturizer (Sample Size - Back)
The moisturizer had a milder same camphor - mint scent, but was actually a white-to-blue-grean-cream-to-gel. It absorbed easily into my skin and mattefied it a little bit. I didn't end up looking like an oil slick at noon, which is a plus (then again, my standards are rather low when it comes to moisturizers). While I think this would work as a great day moisturizer - in conjunction with sunblock (because it has salicylic acid!), for my oily skin, I feel that I need something else at night.

Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin- Clearing Treatment (Sample Size - Front)
Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin- Clearing Treatment (Sample Size - Front)
Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin- Clearing Treatment (Sample Size - Back)
Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin- Clearing Treatment (Sample Size - Back)
This was a white cream, and in fact was heaviest on the skin of the 5 samples -it doesn't really sink. Strangely enough, the smell reminds me of playing cards. While it didn't sting me for the first uses, one day, I felt the burn (sting) post-usage once -I used this twice a day before and reduced it to once a day after- and had no problems after that.

Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense (Sample Size - Front)
Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense (Sample Size - Front)

Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense (Sample Size - Back)
Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense (Sample Size - Back)
 I can't really write much about this. Why? The sample contained only 1.5 ml. Even with maximum scrimpage (sunblock is something I don't really scrimp on - even if i'm an intermittent user at best), I ended up having just enough for two doses (day use only). This sunblock wasn't greasy and it's formula is thinner than, say, Armada sunblock (but thicker than Kanebo or Shiseido). Because I do like to touch my face, I found that I could still feel it, but it didn't seem to break me out, but that could be due to the treatment.

The Forehead Diaries 2

In the beginning:

Day 0

There was some expected irritation (redness), but it went away very quickly and was less likely after each wash. No new zits the next day though.
Day 1

By Day 3, I had run out of both the toner and the sunblock. You can see that some of the zits have disappeared, some of the bigger ones bled out though. (A different camera was used here, sorry).

Day 3: without flash

With flash, you can see that the acne treatment does leave a bit of a whitish cast:
Day 3: with flash

Then, it began to sting and got a bit red post application. Acne treatment dialled back to once a day after. While I did see some improvement to the older scars in this area, just a bit farther a way, unseen, a new cluster popped up.

Day 4

And finally... on the last day.

Day 6

By this time I only had enough for one last wash and decided to end this round. Also, my pictures need refinement. I'm not sure if this is doing more harm than good because the pics don't really capture the real deal >.< wah. Might have to abort TFD for a while. Sads.

The Final Verdict

Though it did help heal existing pimple scars, it didn't really help prevent new ones from forming, so I wouldn't recommend using these 4? 3? products exclusively. If you had mild acne, these may be enough for you. Sadly, my face is suck.

The Cleanser: I think this would make a nice summer cleanser: It's a nice scent to smell when it's hot. And the non-irritating salicylic acid content is a plus for acne prone skin.

The Toner: Aside from the fact that I liked the smell of camphor-mint, it really didn't do much for me.

The Moisturizer: It was light, and the fact that it was dual purpose (with the same salicylic acid content) makes me think it's a possible day moisturizer.

The Treatment: This is probably a good bet for sensitive acne-prone skin since it doesn't sting or dry when used once a day. However, that probably means you'll probably see its effects only during the long term (whereas twice a day use will irritate your skin).

The Sunblock: What sunblock??

The biggest detriment to Kiehl's purchasing? The price. I'm pretty sure you could get something with salicylic acid for cheaper - but there is a bonus for buying such as scent, packaging, irritation and comedogenicity. If I had the money, I'd probably go for the cleanser and the moisturizer, but until then... goodbye Kiehl's sample!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Reading: Bridget Jones

I don't know what is it about Bridget Jones - maybe it's because she's such a mess? maybe because of Mr. Darcy? maybe because of the utter british-ness of it - but I love her diaries. Bridget Jones's Diary and its sequel Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason are must reads in chic lit.

For those who don't know, Bridget Jones is a more modern version of Pride and Prejudice, with a heroine you can relate to more than old-world Elizabeth Bennet. If you've watched the movies (with Colin Firth - THE Mr. Darcy), then you'd know how much more likeable Bridget is - and how much of a disaster.

It's hard to believe but I've found that she's a bigger, more interesting character in the books than in the movies, as are the others. Unlike the movie sequel, the book version is as interesting as its predecessor. If that's not enough, the second book mentions Colin Firth and his wet shirt!

I think Helen Fielding has successfully created one of the best contemporary pieces of chic lit I've ever read (I'd put P&P as one of the best classic one ;) ). I'd recommend this book for anyone with ovaries.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Secret Recipe at Shangri-la Mall

So yesterday I went over to Shangri-la Mall because I heard about a Kiehl's challenge over at Animetric's. That's gonna come later. I'm excited about it, but that has to wait!

Shangri-la Mall East Wing
 The new wing at Shangri-la Mall. It was actually a pretty nice shot until these two walked in. Haha.

TWG Coming Soon
 Hee. TWG is coming over to Orti. It's not looking as nice as the one over at Greenbelt, but it would be nice to have a tea place close by.
Shu Uemura - Shangri-la
 At Floor 2/3 -Is a Shu Uemura.

Kiehl's - Shangri-la
And a Kiehl's where I got my 5 free samples.

While waiting for some family members, I ended up waiting at Secret Recipe on the highest floor of the Mall and ordered an Americano with milk (P95 - according to munchpunch, it's called a Flat White).

Americano and Free Cake
 Apparently, you get a free slice of one of their cream cakes when you order a coffee hot or iced. Yay!

Coffee and Terry Pratchett
 I'm not a big fan of Terry Pratchett, but he is funny, especially his footnotes.

Chocolate Banana Cake
 The free slice, while by no means can be considered a sliver, is a little on the lean side. I don't know why I got a plastic fork with it, but it was yummy! :))

 I did like the foam art, along with the service: very prompt and very hospitable servers. I got a glass of iced water sometime while I was reading without prompting. The coffee went excellently with the cake.

Chocolate Banana Cake again
I would definitely buy this if it were a bit bigger :)) But I'd rather have it free with a coffee, even if it's a smaller slice.

Would I return? Definitely yes, if I ever had to wait for someone at Shangri-la, or any other mall with a branch as long as they had this promo and I had a good book.

Secret Recipe is at the 5th floor of Shangri-la Mall.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Review: Kojie San Kojic Acid Soap

Note: This post has been edited on 04/11/2015 with additional information and pictures.

I've been using Kojie San on and off for the past 5 years. I've only used this brand because in the past, it was difficult to find a mainstream brand of kojic acid. When I last went to Watsons, it was the only soap that listed kojic acid as the first ingredient.

While the picture below shows the Kojie San soap for P50, I've previously bought the bigger versions for cheaper at P120 for 3.

Kojie San Whitening Soap

In the back, you can see the expiration date quite easily, along with the ingredients list. I find the box quite strange.

Ingredients: Kojic Acid, Sweet Orange, VCO, Glycerine, Vegetable Extract and Vitamin C.

As you can see, Kojic acid is really what you get when you buy this product, the sweet orange probably acting as a preservative for this product. It also acts as a pleasant orange scent for the duration of application. It washes of quite easily, so don't be afraid to use a second wash or lotion after it.

 For those who don't know, here's a bit about kojic acid: it's an acid that's capable of inhibiting melanin, or dark spots, on the skin. It's antibacterial, but its safety has been determined at concentrations of 1%, and any further use can cause sensitivity. Unfortunately, kojic acid at that level won't cause any skin lightening. It is not considered to be carcinogenic.

Kojie San Soap Box Ingredients
I've found that this product, is very good at cleaning the face and skin: I've found that even a henna tattoo stays on half as long when I use kojic acid. Long term use leads to increased succeptibility to minor cuts and abrasions, probably due to increased skin fragility. However, short term use is already irritating on sensitive areas such as the face and groin so it's best to wash it of as quickly as possible after lathering it on these places. It's fine on the thicker parts of my skin. Also, while my face gets a bit red if I leave it on longer than a few seconds, I don't break out from it.

On another note, a lot of leave-on kojic acid products are currently in the Philippine market. I'm not comfortable leaving something like this on my skin though.

Tips:  Don't use this product more than once a day, and moisturize straight after. You might feel a stinging sensation right after application, due to the fact that you are peeling your skin.  Thus, you should use a sunblock religiously if you decide to use this or any other peeling/whitening product.

Kojie San Kojic Acid Soap

While I don't have much experience with whitening products, I've noticed that using this soap has kept me from darkening during summer, as compared to when I use other, non-whitening soaps. I tend to use a bar of this every summer just to keep from changing my skin color. I also end up using a bar of this every 4 months, especially when my face is breaking out severely (due to its antibacterial properties - trying to control the bacterial spread of P. acnes). However, using this for too long will actually irritate my face even more so I tend to stop after 2 weeks and finish the bar for just my body. I have found that it does lighten my acne scars, though slowly compared to chemical peels from my dermatologist.

How does this compare with other whitening products? It doesn't work as well as hydroquinone but better than, though more harsh than papaya soap.

What I dislike most about this soap is that it melts easily! I used to cut a bar in half to keep it from melting quite so quickly. I buy the smaller versions if I'm too lazy to cut. Keep it away from possible sources of water and it will last around 4 weeks of heavy use.

Let's recap.

  • antibacterial - may help control acne
  • cleaning
  • whitening - effect on both normal skin and post-acne scars
  • inexpensive

  • can be irritating (drying or stinging)
  • melts easily
  • Not for long term use

  • Do not leave on sensitive areas for more than a few seconds
  • Use a moisturizer after
  • Use a sunblock after

  • Those interested in skin whitening
  • Those who are acne prone should check for a reaction first
  • Not for sensitive skin

Buy Again? Yes. Unless I get a definitive report I'll probably continue purchasing this product. I'd switch if I found a cheaper one with near the same ingredient list though.

It's a long weekend for me! This Monday, aside from the Starbucks promo, CBTL also has a special treat for Swirl Card holders: Get half of the Moroccan Mint Tea Latte from 3-5 pm as the last of their Thank You for 50 promos.

I'm kind of torn as to which one I'll probably get...

Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review: Bath & Body Works Sheer Freesia Body Lotion

Okay. I'm too lazy to list all the ingredients, but the first are water, glycerin, petrolatum, cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, dimethicone and fragrance. This is probably where all the moisturizing and scent come from. However, they do list these as pampering ingredients:

Conditioning Aloe Vera
Protective Grape Seed Extract
Nourishing Vitamin E & C

While I don't think these ingredients do anything at the amounts they probably are in (note that they all come after fragrance), it might have an effect... I haven't felt anything other than the standard moisturizing I get from other lotions.

What I love about B&BW is that their lotions mostly smell really good.  As you can see, this one is nearly gone. It's a very feminine flowery scent and it lasts for quite a bit. You can actually go out without perfume on a date night with this product. On the other hand, I feel that the scent is not as strong as Victoria's Secret lotions - nor quite as sensual? (brand imaging works sometimes). Honestly though, I prefer this over VS because of the less "girly" packaging. It's also easier to hold because of the curved, textured top.

Another nice thing is that you can see how much product you have and the slit-cap makes dispensing easy. While it is less contaminated than a screw cap, it's not as good as a pump-top apparently (performing around a flip-cap's level). However, pump top products, if they don't have a cover, tend to spill as I tend to throw them on the bed, which is where the former two have an advantage. Yes, sometimes, packaging does matter.

The consistency is neither heavy nor light. It takes a couple of minutes to sink into the skin but does not leave a greasy feeling. Then again, don't expect this lotion to do anything other than keep you moisturized and smelling like a freesia.

Since this is not a local product, it could be considered expensive compared to some lotions or depending on your supplier. However, I have a lot of B&BW stuff thanks to my mom and my sis on their trips. B&BW tends to go on sale a lot. Out of the ones I've been rotating right now, the list of what I prefer from most to least and why:

1. Sheer Freesia - girly, good for going out
2. Country Apple - fruity, for feeling good coz I love apples! I like the pinkish red color the lotion.
3. Twilight Woods - a bit too strong for me, apply sparingly
4. Coconut Lime Verbena - not fond of coconut so I use this as a hand lotion

The sad thing is that they tend to discontinue scents, so if you fall in love with one, you might think of hoarding these products. I'm not really in love with any of them, luckily.

Frequent hand washing is one of the best things you can do to prevent spreading germs/illnesses/whatever. But hands tend to get dry easily if you do this. Use a (hand) lotion when you can to keep them soft and silky!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Internet At Last!

After 9 hours of following up, I finally have internet! So I'd like to just post some things that make me happy: Macarons, Coffee and Both. Note that my name isn't Carol. ^^

The Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino is really good! Starbucks has a BOGO promo for June 24, 2013. Check out their Philippine Facebook page for details.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Globe Rant

I am so frustrated with Globe right now. While they're all really nice, nothing seems to ever get done. I've just spend two hours to come to nothing regarding my problem.

5 Nice Things About Globe*... Not
*on broadband application

1. If you are on hold, then they will come back to you - Ok. This is not exactly a lie since they do eventually return, but it was taking a while. I asked someone inside the store if I was still on hold, and he said yes. Unfortunately, after another 30 minutes, he said that no- it got disconnected. I wasted around an hour holding a dead phone simply because I did not trust my instict that a phone with no music on hold was dead.

2. They will get back to you promptly - Nope. Not at all. Which has spewed a whole lot of follow ups that have all come to nothing. A word of advice, don't try their hotline. It's near useless. I just had many frustrating rounds of repeating everything about my case, only to get transferred again and again and again to end up with a - I'm sorry, this is all I can do. I will reply in 24 hours (which... hasn't happened).

3. You can use their customer service to get good service - if ever you get there. At the most convenient times for me, Globe is woefully packed and the line can take up to an hour. I tried using other measures given to me but the lines were perpetually busy.

4. You can follow-up in another globe store - apparently not. Globe can't cross communicate unless via email, so if you need something follow-ed up, you need to do it in the store you applied it or wait at least 24 hours for the other end to reply. Else your service is routed through the hotline (see above) which cannot communicate directly with another globe store anyway.

5. They can deal with your concerns - I've just spent two hours of my life with no one able to help me. I was told to go to the branch I originally applied in, when during my application process and my first follow-up (at the branch I did apply in) I asked and was explicitly told that I could use the hotline or the globe closest to me to follow up. Liars.

It's come to nothing. Nice people, but absolute shite when it comes to actual problem solving. It's very funny how my requests were met promptly when I was inquiring but it seems I have been dropped as soon as I have made a commitment.

Life, huh.

Edit: Saturday: June 15, 2013

Still another two hours in globe. Still nothing. All the regrets.

This is already four times worse than the last Sun trouble. Gah!!!!


I now have Internet. I have given around 9 hours of my life to Globe. While I wouldn't recommend their service, I am now enjoying their product. Let's hope I'd have nothing to complain about in that aspect.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Forehead Diaries 1

My skin is terrible. For a week, it looked decent - then when I decided to sleep at 5 am - subsisting on tea, coffee, cola and biscuits - it dies on me again. So I've decided to try to monitor what I put on my face by creating The Forehead Diaries. Just like a journal, it might not be 100% accurate - I can't promise to write down what I've put on my face everyday, but I'll do my best, so I can see what's going on with my skin. It might also motivate me to put all the stuff I'm supposed to.

All pictures taken with the webcam of a mac. No flash but at different locations so the lighting can be very different..

Let's start with a picture of right now, Day 0.

That was a picture before my nightly/early am (it's 4 am) routine. Sorry for the bad pictures!

So, yeah.

  1. Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser
  2. L'oreal White Perfect Whitening Toner
  3. It's Skin Facial Therapy Essence Skin
  4. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
  5. Stieva-A 0.05% Tretinoin
  6. Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque - not used regularly, only when there's a really big zit.
Yes, I know I have oily skin and am supposed to be using the DDM Gel instead of the DDM Lotion. Unfortunately, this is the only moisturizer I have on hand right now. I'd also like to finish it since I'm sort of hoping to finish some of my stuff before I buy anything.

  1. XX Sulfur Soap (I've forgotten the brand since it was there for a while, but it was very cheap)
  2. VMV Superskin 3 Toner - once every 2 days
  3. It's Skin Facial Therapy Essence Skin
  4. VMV ID Lotion - once every 3 days
  5. Neutrogena Ultrasheer Dry-Touch Sunblock 45 SPF

I didn't take a picture after Day 1. For Day 2, my skin was feeling sensitive so I replaced Morning 4 with Evening 5.

Urgh. Skin - why you so bad? The lighting is diffrent, since I took it in different places. You can see new zits on the right side of the picture and the middle. Since I was very busy for a week, my next picture is on Day 9:

I still have new zits popping out and up, most notably right between my eyebrows. I've noticed that zits don't tend to stay as long, though still pop up as often. Healing time is also quicker. There's less hyperpigmentation once the zit is gone. I have a feeling my sleeping habits are the zit producing factor.

After Day 9, my schedule went to EFF again. Some nights, I'd live with 1.5 - 3 hours of sleep. Sometimes I got so tired I just washed my face and left it at that. I've also had to use heavy foundation and removed it with the last of the old Elianto - it's gone now. I don't know how I feel about that. My skin got worse. Since I haven't been following the regime, I wouldn't call it a day exactly (more like a crossover study), but I feel that I should show how my skin looks like right now before officially closing TFD 1.

Moral of the story: Stick to a regimen! Also, sleep and relaxation are just as, if not more important than a good skin care routine. I found this round's morning and evening routine more effective than a wash alone. Unfortunately, less stress (or at least 6 hours sleep) is necessary for me not to turn into a pizza-face: I believe the TFD1 regimen might be effective if done religiously (and if I increase the VMV dosage). I do like VMV. Since the toner is a year old, I think this is the one I should be focusing on finishing (and reviewing), but I don't know what I'd buy afterwards: I'd rather not use an antibiotic on my face all the time.

Since I will be transferring to a new location with much less space, I'm going to have to revise my regimen to something simpler (or at least something that will take up less space). Once I've settled down, I'll see if I can make something else. I might post a review or two of some of these products once I've used them again.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

LRT adventures + Starbucks Musings

I am reborn! I am a phoenix! I am Jean Grey!

I'm just a redhead as a treat to myself for the school year. Here's to maintenance - I'm sure it'll be a b*tch.

Also, I'm poor now. I had it done at a reputable-(ish?) salon.


I was commuting yesterday and I could kick myself because I had forgotten:

1. Not to wear slippers on the train - your feet will be bruised and smushed by the stampeding feet.

2. Discipline means delay - the horde of people who don't know what a line is will force you out of your place as they cannot wait for passengers to disembark before surging forward as a mob. Although on the bright side, the EDSA line had crowd control - passengers couldn't enter the waiting area unless the place isn't that crowded. A bit annoying, the waiting, but better than being suffocated by a mob.

3. That I had a stored value card - and bought another one. T_T

It was a trying couple of hours. I even went on a jeep which thought they could fit 8 butts in a 7 person bench. They succeeded by having 6 + .5 +.5 butts on it. I was one of the lucky 6.

At the end of the day, I ended up in a Starbucks. Their Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino is really good! I noticed two people, separate parties, who entered Starbucks and never ordered. The first one, a male, stayed for a good 30 mins, charging his phone. The second one was an elderly female. She stayed for over 2 hours, charging her phone and occasionally napping. She even asked me to watch it as she went to the bathroom. Afterwards, she asked for a glass of water.

Now while I do know that in emergency situations, it could be excused for someone to charge a phone or use a bathroom or ask water. However, two hours by a lady who obviously had the means (she spent a lot of time on the phone talking business and was wearing jewellery  to "pay for her use of the space" is not really excusable in my book.

There may be people who do that, and are proud to do so, but I think it's very rude, and unfair to the cafe. If all people acted like this, then Starbucks would close down because everyone would use electricity and water with no income to offset it. But the thing is, if you see something like this happening, should you tolerate it?

It seemed easier to hold my peace - and I excused it saying that maybe, she would order in a few more minutes (as if waiting for another party member). But am I part of the problem?