Sunday, May 13, 2012


Guess what's this picture for?

If you look to your right, you will see a couple of sample cleanser and toner boxes...

vmv superskin 3 toner bottle plus samples

Yes, I'm going to be travelling. And it's always a good idea to pack travel sized items for short trips abroad. I'm going Japan!!! I will be posting my experience in getting a visa shortly in another post. If ever I have people actually reading this blog (is there anyone actually there?), I'd just like to say that I will not be posting anything during my 15 day stay (which is the limit for Filipinos).

I'd also just like to share that I was able to get the VMV Superskin 3 (for oily skin) toner with with a 25% discount. It was previously P700 ($16), but is I got it for P525 ($12). I will be reviewing it in the future. But just a little about VMV. VMV Hypoallergenics is a Filipino brand gone global. It is most famous for the Armada series sunscreens (which I might do a review on). Unfortunately, it also has international prices. VMV is notorious for price increases (I actually dread every sale because it probably means another price increase), so I only buy during sales.

I was once able to get the full sized scrub, toner and nourisher (moisturizer) from the Superskin 3 line much less than it costs now *sigh*. I used this combination during my high school years. While the scrub and nourisher where very gentle, the toner was much less gentle and definitely the heavy hitter of the lot. Though I experienced less break outs for the two month period I used the trio religiously, it reduced my teenaged acne by only around 40% (which was still bad during that time); I had to use a different cleanser and spot treatment at night and brought it up to around 60%.

The current toner's sale price is less than (P80) $2 of the old regular price, I think. I don't think I am re-purchasing from VMV until the price becomes more stable since the constant sale-price increase cycle depresses me.

This specific toner is not available in the US; something else called a mandelic acid primer is sold over there.

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