Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Review: Sci-Fi Cafe + Mexicali Promo

Warning! Picture heavy

A new place in Robinsons Galleria, Sci-Fi Cafe Is a place for geeks and hipsters to hang out in.

Sci-Fi Cafe FrontSci-Fi Cafe Front
 You can see a lot of collectibles outside, which is what drew us to the place.

Sci-Fi Cafe Menu
Sci-Fi Cafe Menu
The menu boasts food with interesting names. Since it was a bit out of budget, my friends and I decided to try their drinks only. While waiting, these caught my eye:

Johnny Depp Action Figures
Johnny Depp

The Golden Trio Action Figures
The Golden Trio

Aliens vs Predators Collectibles
Aliens vs Predators
Among other things. They have an extensive Star Wars collection, including these on the ceiling: 

Sci-Fi Cafe Ceiling
Sci-Fi Cafe Ceiling
Too bad the lights are too bright to see the spacecraft, a Millenium Falcon and TIE Fighter, among other things.

There was some complimentary soup, which was nice. I have no idea what it was, but it's the first time I've received a soup for ordering a drink.

Sci-Fi Cafe Cashier
Featuring a shield of the White Tree of Gondor, a hoverboard, Leggy's bow and Sulley! They were playing music from Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet and Titanic.

Sci-Fi Cafe Bar
When you walk in, you see some wands, lightsabers and the Madhatter's hat. The cake looked delicious, but I'm saving up for Wildflour.

Sci-Fi Cafe Wall
Sci-Fi Cafe Wall
Autograph wall, OMG.

Sci-Fi Cafe Collectibles
Numbered stuff from Pirates of the Carribean, Disney sets... and if you look closely, there's a Twilight Set. 

Now I realize that a lot of the stuff I've shown is more of fantasy than science fiction, but OMG! A place to admire all the stuff!

They also started showing Avengers on one TV screen and LotR in another.... I almost stayed forever....
Sci-Fi Cafe White Chocolate
Milk Blend: White Chocolate
Sulley wants my drink.

Now, while the food was excellent, the location great, and the service good, there is one thing I disliked: Since my friends and I KKB'd it, we all placed money when the bill came. I placed an extra P20 and was too lazy to count change. Our money was taken, but the P20 was gone. Now, I was going to leave it as a tip, but management should NOT assume that. They should have left the money inside... clearly, honesty isn't a policy.

I'll forgive it because of the uniqueness of the place, but I'll think twice about putting more money then I ought to, and count change very carefully!


  • Service: we were given water and it was refilled without asking
  • Free soup
  • Ambience: one of a kind
  • Yummy drink


  • Not very honest


  • Make sure you bring enough money

Go again?
Yes! With all my geeky friends.

The Sci-Fi Cafe is located in the top floor of Robinsons Galleria, Quezon City, Philippines.

After going around the mall, we got hungry and bought nachos at Mexicali. They have a promo: P100 for certain items with a free 12oz Coke (they gave us sarsi, but we didn't complain).

Mexicali Nachos
Mexicali Nachos


  1. Hi Cara, thanks for visiting Sci-Fi Cafe. We are glad you enjoyed the food and the ambiance. With regards the change/tip issue, we would like to apologize about that. We'll make sure that something like that doesn't happen again. We do uphold honesty in our establishment and if there's any issue you'd like to raise, we will gladly resolve it with you. Again, apologies for that untoward incident, we'll address that issue going forward.

  2. Apology accepted :) I hope to return one day soon!