Sunday, May 19, 2013

Review: Brother's Burger + CBTL, M&S

Went to a Brothers Burger MoA adjacent, and the place was really small. That space over there is the only place you can walk on.

But it's the first time I've seen those tables down below(are they common?), and I found them really cute. As you can see, the side of the table just has enough space to move the chair.

 I love the chairs! They're big, and seat me comfortably. It's like I have two arm rests.

Waiting for the food took a while.  At least they gave us water. I wonder why they gave two condiment bottles but only one container for dip... Normal fries get ketchup but crisscut fries get mayo!

X ordered Fish and Chips (P195). This might be a seasonal item. I don't know when/if they're pulling it out. The serving is big for one person, but not enough to share.

Brothers Burger Fish and Chips
Brothers Burger Fish and Chips

The Brothers Burger (P140) I ordered wasn't small but it wasn't filling. However, the patty seemed a bit dry. Is it me, or is this burger not as good as it was before? I was hoping to see the lettuce, at least in any angle, but it was tiny.
Brothers Burger Burger
Brothers Burger Burger

I filled up with their crisscut fries instead. They were hot and delicious covered in mayo. I wish they made this item available all year round.

It's been a while since my last trip there and I'm definitely not going to order that burger again. For the same price range, I'd rather go to Wham! I used to order their Lamb Burger, and I might try it again next time, but the Brothers Burger really didn't make the cut.

Later that day, I ended up in CBTL with a double chocolate latte. The stirrer was cute, but it prevented me from drinking from the lip so I had to open it :))

With a snack from Marks & Spencer. I know that they discourage you from eating outside foods in coffee shops, but I couldn't resist... This sleeve of dark chocolate digestives were on sale (Biscuits, as well as other things, were 20% off due to the mid-year sale).

 I really like the coziness of CBTL. It's one of the more relaxing coffee shops.

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