Friday, May 3, 2013


Well, it's my summer vacation right now. That means a lot of bumming time, even if I did promise myself to be more productive... I'd really not rather know how much weight I've gained, or how many pimples I've gotten from sleeping early mornings.

To get a feel of how much weight I've gained....

The Rising Shroom at the BurgerBar
The Rising Shroom

The best burger I've ever tasted. It costs P280 ($7) not including either VAT or service charge, but it's quite worth the price. As its name shows, it's contains mushrooms, better seen in the next pic and truffle cream cheese. This burger has made's top gourmet burger list, with good reason. It's from the BurgerBar at Greenbelt 2.

The Rising Shroom 2 at the Burger Bar
The Rising Shroom 2
The bit below the top bun are battered oyster mushrooms. Though these were my least favorite part of the burger, it did provide a different texture, as compared to most burgers I've eaten. The best part for me was definitely the sauce... it's a burger your mouth doesn't get tired of.

Parmesan Truffle Fries at the BurgerBar
Parmesan Truffle Fries
On the other hand, the fries -I'm not sure if this was the genuine name- at P145 ($3) were just blah. I'd prefer some NYFD fries to this for the price. Truffle fries really aren't my thing, but I did like the crunch of these. The serving size is big enough for two, so it really isn't that expensive if you think about it. Wish I tried the cookie batter milkshake instead.

This meal was eaten in the company of D. Thank you, D, for a wonderful time!

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