Friday, May 11, 2012

Review: Methode Swiss Thermal Therapy Eye Essence

Bought at Sasa in Hong Kong, this product is not available in the Philippines. This product was one the first "higher end" eye creams I've tried, and I'm very satisfied with it. It was bought quite a while a go so I'm not quite sure how much it is but it is on the expensive side. I haven't been using it consistently since I've added a retinol eye cream at night. It definitely lightened my under-eye circles by a shade or two when I used it, but only while I was using it.

I've lost the box it came with (so I can't give the ingredients), but this is a 15ml pump bottle. Since it doesn't come in a pot, it's more hygienic. However, you can't see how much product you've used since there is no indicator. One day, you're just gonna pump to find that there's nothing left. I also foresee me having to break the bottle to get the dregs of the product out. This product is made in Switzerland and there is no chance of the cap breaking or any accidental loss. There is also a manufacturing date at the bottom of the bottle so you know when to throw yours out.

One pump is enough to cover both eyes. I didn't have wrinkles when I used this so I don't know if it will help with that, but it hydrates the eye area well. After immediate application, you will feel your eye area growing hot, but it subsides after a minute or so. Added bonus, if you use this after you wash your face, you're less likely to fall asleep afterwards.

It takes a really long while for this product to sink in, around ten minutes or so. It's definitely moisturizing and my eyes never feel dry when I use this product 2x a day. Also, it doesn't give any sun protection so you still need to use something afterwards.

-covers undereye circles (cosmetic?)

-no sun protection
-doesn't sink in quickly
-no indicator of amount of product left

Buy Again? No. It's not locally available, and for it's price, I feel I'd be able to get a better eye cream with actual sun protection.

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