Saturday, February 11, 2012

Review: Bench Fix Professional Molding Clay: Clay Doh

Sachets! You gotta love 'em. While some countries prefer Jumbo sizes, the trend in the Philippines is the use ofsachets: aside from being convenient, they are cheaper (in the absolute sense-which is a necessity in a third world country where people may not be able to splurge for a larger version). If you manage your product well, you can actually make your sachet last for more than one session. Like samples, which these are sometimes, they are excellent for people who don't want to commit to a product. I don't use hairsprays/gels/waxes often (sometimes, I barely even brush my hair!), so I'd rather have these little things than a jar of something I will barely use.

Anway, this is a single sachet of the stuff. 4 grams worth of product, for I forgot how much. It describes itself as having a 5/5 hold and 1/5 shine (in the bench range of hair products). The thing on my finger isn't dirt, it's a bit of the clay :)

bench fix professional molding clay photo

I used that bit on my finger tip to coat the top of my fringe. As you can see, it seems shiny and white close up, but it doesn't look like that in real life, it's just the light reflecting off the product.

On a sidenote, I am that hirsute! (at least facially :|)

bench fix professional molding clay on hair

Why I prefer hair wax:

-doesn't give that greasy look that pomades give
-easy to wash off
-doesn't give a wet look like gel does
-doesn't dry my hair out (like gel)

I use this to tame my hair and hold curls. I don't want wet/greasy hair! Since I don't use it for extreme styles (which gels are better for), I have no problem with the hold.

Why I prefer this wax:
-hold is good
-smells good (I don't like the smell of hair gels in general)

I admit that I don't try the other popular brand here (Gatsby) because I find the ads too masculine looking. lol. So I can't compare it with other waxes (just with other hair products in general, so maybe this shouldn't be a "review" but a comparison of the 3- wax, gel, pomade? I'm not gonna change it. Maybe talk about it if somebody asks).

A little product goes a long way, but with my current hair, I can use up a sachet in one go.


  1. I may have to disagree with the "easy to wash off" part. Anyway, nice review!

    1. Haha, I know a lot of people that find it difficult to wash off.
      However, it was easy to wash off for me since I used to use conditioner before I used shampoo. I've found, after switching styles, that if I use shampoo only, it takes me around 4 washes to get it off.