Saturday, November 25, 2017

Spotted: Brush Cleaners

Stopped by Daiso and saw two brush cleaners: A small palm sized one for P88 and a huge mat for P188. Still thinking which one I should buy, but either would be a good investment, methinks.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

P2P Galleria-Glorietta

Still in the commuter's hellscape that is Makati. Rode the P2P bus both ways from Galleria to Glorietta.

To Glorietta: Bus late by 20 minutes.

From Glorietta: Bus late by 1 hour and 30 minutes. Most sites not updated as loading point is no longer at Park Square.

P2P, like the green frog bus is great in theory but lacking in execution.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Basic Bleaching Set

Hi, you all. For those who are interested, this is my basic bleaching set:

1. Powdered Bleach
2. Oxidizing Lotion
3. Shampoo (for rinsing and bleach baths)
4. Tint Brush
5. Plastic container (mixing bowl)
6. Protective eye wear

Not included in picture
7. Gloves
8. Towel
8. Hair clips
9. Shower cap

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Matilda 2017

Matilda, a show by children, for children.

There is no denying that the children casted in Matilda are very good. While not very impressive as actors, both song and dance numbers were done quite well by all counts. Esang de Torres, who performs as the titular lead, is a treat to the ears though a bit wooden (I can't really see her being Naughty).

As for the adults, well, they're a hoot. And while Jamie Wilson is no Bertie Carvel, he entertains both eyes and ears very well. The only exception is Chris Villonco's Ms. Honey, who takes Pathetic a bit too seriously.

To be honest, I'm not sold on Matilda, the musical as I found the movie to be more true to the book. However, I can see that this musical is a good way to introduce theater to both children and adults as there is enough "adult" content in a child appropriate setting. I can also appreciate the revolutionary spirit that will eventually lead them to Les Miserables (lol).

Honestly, I really didn't want to watch this as it was in Meralco Theater, but surprise! This musical started within 15 minutes of the desired time. Yay! Thank you, Atlantis for promptness.

I'd recommend this for all children, and for the parents that will come with them. Die hard book fans may be split, but I'd recommend watching to find out where you lie.

Matilda will run at Meralco Theater until December 10, 2017.

Starbucks Reserve East Timor Peaberry

I loved it so much, I got an entire bag. Its 1 cup away from empty now but boy, was it worth it.

Each bag contains 250g or round 25 cups worth of coffee for 595 pesos. This translates to 25 pesos per cup. This is a nice compromise between an in store 150 peso purchase and a 6 peso instant coffee cup.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Nichido Eye Pencil in Black and Brown

A few months ago, I purchased Nichido's Eye Pencil in Brown and Black. Honestly, I bought these originally for costume contouring purposes, but I've ended up using them a few times after, and here are my thoughts.

Friday, November 3, 2017

BDJ Planner 2018

For 2018, I decided to get a BDJ planner ahead of time since I'm trying to cut down on coffee expenses. Yes, even if I'm not a planner person, I have been switching off between BDJ and Starbucks for a decade. I am a solid two-timer between those two planners. FYI, I still have feelings for the first SB Philippines leather bound planner.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Snoe Under Armed Forces Whitening Natural Deo Spray

Honestly, I bought Snoe's Under Armed Forces Whitening Natural Deo Spray because I wanted a whitening deodorant and found a good ingredients list... but mostly because I have been lemming for Illuminants but VMV's version was too expensive for me to try. ALSO, most brands I've tried have failed to deliver, so I decided to step away from the grocery for now. This spray product has been around for a bit but the packaging is different from it's original iteration.