Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Riley Luna Oil

Sorry for the late, and crappy photos, but I'm having a difficult time with my electronics right now... My phone refused to upload these until now. But here is my review of Sunday Riley's Luna Oil, finally.

This first photo used flash, and doesn't quite do the bottle justice. The packaging is both luxurious and apothecary-like in an opaque dark blue, gold and white. And it better be, to justify this price tag, I think.

The bottle feels heavy in my hands, but it is quite deceiving as you only get 15 ml. The true floor is around 4/5 of the bottom. It is opaque enough but it must still be stored in a cool, dry spot as this product contains retinol- which is why I bought it.

The dropper is ordinary, which I like better than the ones you have to press. I drop around half the dropper, around 5 drops for my face and neck. I hate that it's blue since it gives the face an ashlike tint but it disappears in time. On the other hand, it is very thin and dispersed easily and could coat my hands a bit after

The scent is herbal and neither pleasing or displeasing but some might dislike it.

On the whole, I like this night oil since it moisturizes well and provides additional benefits: there was a small reduction in my acne. However, I'm not sure how much retinoid this contains, and how effective it is since it loses potency over time. I probably won't repurchase since I found it difficult to source. On the other hand, those who experience irritation with other retinoids might want to give this a try.

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