Monday, July 11, 2016

Lolane's Pixxel Color Cream in Dark Golden Copper Blonde

Since it's Watson's hair special, I decided to retry one of the products they're promoting: Lolane's Pixxel Color Cream in Dark Golden Copper Blonde.
Lolane's Pixxel Color Cream

This is not my first time to use this product, but it's the first time I've been satisfied.

Now, why buy this product? Because it's P130, which is much cheaper than most things you will find in the supermarket. But there's a con. It comes only with these two, as well as a set of instructions.
Pixxel Contents

To the left is the color cream and to the right is the developer with 50 g of substance each. This will be enough to color medium or mid-bra length hair. The Dark Golden Copper Blonde's developer is 9%.

This means that you will have to get your own mixing bowl, brush, gloves and other protective equipment (usually also not included such as capelet or clamps). This is not a problem for me since I do have my own. You can also buy a  semi-reusable set for less than P200 at the supermarket, I think.

To use, I deviated a bit from the instructions, unlike the first time I used it. After first mixing the cream and developer (cream first) until it turned purple, I placed in on virgin hair (leaving the roots untouched). Once it began to turn, I then applied it to my previously processed hair. Note that the brochure tells you to put it on roots first. I tried this and my roots ended up way too light for me. I left it on for 5 minutes before going at my roots.

The instructions would tell you that you don't need to rinse it off with shampoo... but I still did. I then placed a deep conditioner after. Both shampoo and treatment are definitely not included in the box, but both are easily available - and the current trend is to have those small super rich conditioner/treatments sold separately means that it's not a hindrance to cheap DIY dye jobs.
Pixxel Dark Golden Copper Blonde IRL

As I hope you can see, my hair looks pretty much like what you see in the box. It's not so obvious with the swatches at the back, but from the front, it is very similar. I was very happy with the results.

How long this will last is another story :P

Still, I'd probably buy it again.

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