Friday, January 22, 2016

Ped Egg

With all the fuss about Scholl's foot file thing on the Internet and in real life,  I've found myself  having a renewed  appreciation for my old and neglected Ped Egg.

This handy device was brought over from the US, however i know it was available in the country for a while during the upsurge in its popularity. Unfortunately,  i don't know if it's still available today. The Ped Egg is basically a foot grater, no doubt about that.  It's a very simple device that anyone can use.  I got mine with a handle so i have an easy time of it and i would probably recommend it to the version without.

The blue part is made to be gripped  so it doesn't fly of in your hand as you use it.  I like to use it on dry,  freshly washed get while I'm watching a show on tv or on my laptop. i just move it in a back and forth moron along the soles of my feet. Sometimes I get a bit to o enthusiastic and it slips through my fingers. Finally, open the two halves and see all the dead skin it was able to remove and be amazed!

I'll spare you the sight but there was at least a teaspoon of dead skin in there, I kid you not. It is kind of gross and amazing at the same time.

What i like about the Ped Egg is that it isn't harsh at all,  cheese grater appearance aside.  I've never over-exfoliated my feet like i kept fearing. It's a very good physical exfoliant, though i would not try out on the other side of my feet.

The downside is that you have to clean it quite thoroughly each time. I use boiling water and alcohol or antibacterial soap. In the same vein,  please don't share the metal pay with other people.  You can replace the part once dull (or every few months if you are concerned) but I have yet to replace mine.  I think i might want to find a replacement now,  just in case!

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