Saturday, October 17, 2015

Psyllium Fiber: Fibrolium vs Watsons Brand Supplement

In an attempt to kill the urge to eat between meals, I decided to try 2 pysllium fiber supplements and settled on Fibrolium and Watsons brands because they were the cheapest and most expensive brands available in my local, well, Watsons.

Fibrolium Psyllium Fiber Supplement

Psyllium is a fiber whose foremost effect is to help you do the number 2. It helps with water absorption in the colon, creating softer stools while stimulating those pipes. It helps retain a feeling of fullness without flatulence and can help with those cholesterol and blood sugar levels. In supplements such as these, only the ground husks are used.

Watsons Psyllium Fiber Supplement
How did they match up?

1. Cost: Fibrolium
At P9.50 per packet, Fibrolium beats out Watsons' P14 per packet price. While the former weighs around 5 grams and the latter 10 grams and is flavored, Fibrolium would still be more cost effective in the long term since one packet is only for one dose.

2. Taste: Fibrolium
To be honest, they both taste bad. But Fibrolium tastes like bland gulaman while Watsons' tastes too sweet, like calamansi yes, but not in a good way. The goal was to get it down my throat as quickly as possible, and the former went down quicker.

3. Effect: Fibrolium
I didn't take these supplements for their laxative effect so I won't be talking about it. Both promoted a feeling of fullness, but I consistently had the urge to take the taste of calamansi away (but that could be just me) which was contrary to my goal of not-eating. Going by the ingredient list, Watson's second ingredient is sugar, meaning it's a source of extra calories and would not be as helpful in the cholesterol and blood sugar control part.

While I don't really need psyllium fiber supplements in my everyday life, I think it's pretty clear which one I'm buying on those days.

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