Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rexona: Whitening Deodorant

Rexona's whitening deoderant promises lighter underarms in two weeks. While I was unable to see this effect, Rexona still didn't let me down as an anti-perspirant/deodorant.

It's active ingredient is aluminum chlorhydrate, second after water. While it does contain sunflower oil, ranked fourth after glycerin, and licorice root extract as the final ingredient, I was unable to appreciate any whitening capabilities.

The scent is on the sporty side, though not as intense as Skin White's deodorant. While I rank its antiperspirant capabilities as good, lasting around 24 hours of the 48 hour claim, the deodorizing capability is much weaker lasting 10-12 hours.

In other words, it's good at keeping the area dry, but not so good at keeping it stink free. If your problem is simple sweatiness, I'd recommend this product.

I probably would like to try other products, since I'm looking for an HG underarm product, but this is a good anti-perspirant/deodorant at an even better price point.

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