Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rexona: Whitening Deodorant

Rexona's whitening deoderant promises lighter underarms in two weeks. While I was unable to see this effect, Rexona still didn't let me down as an anti-perspirant/deodorant.

It's active ingredient is aluminum chlorhydrate, second after water. While it does contain sunflower oil, ranked fourth after glycerin, and licorice root extract as the final ingredient, I was unable to appreciate any whitening capabilities.

The scent is on the sporty side, though not as intense as Skin White's deodorant. While I rank its antiperspirant capabilities as good, lasting around 24 hours of the 48 hour claim, the deodorizing capability is much weaker lasting 10-12 hours.

In other words, it's good at keeping the area dry, but not so good at keeping it stink free. If your problem is simple sweatiness, I'd recommend this product.

I probably would like to try other products, since I'm looking for an HG underarm product, but this is a good anti-perspirant/deodorant at an even better price point.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Saizen Instant Noodles

The country is crazy about ramen. Unfortunately, there few sources of ramen that can be considered both good and affordable. One of the best instant noodles I've tried is from Nissin and are found in Daiso/Saizen Japan. I bought these when they were 70% off and about to go off but they retail for P88 normally.

This is the   noodle bowl I'm talking about. Each cooks for around 3 minutes, use 420 ml of water and contain a whopping 497 Cals. The red one comes with a little tempura piece and a spice packet set. To make, put 420 ml of boiling water in the bowl along with the bigger half of the spice packet (the one on top of the fork).

I love the Nissin soba noodles because they both look and taste good. I like it more than the ones at Family Mart, and for around the same price. After three minutes, you should see the results below:

They look great, and taste quite differently from local instant noodles. It's not quite as good as the real thing but the price and energy value is quite nice.

Add the tempura piece and the smaller half of the spice packet:

Eat and enjoy!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Saizen Natural Pack (Charcoal Mask)

If you've used this tube, you've been a fan of the Saizen Natural Pack mask since it was launched! This is such a late post, but I've deferred blogging about this mask until I finished the last of my stash. The current packaging is a bit fatter, but it's the same product. This product costs P88 at Saizen, and while I've seen it go out of stock, I've never seen it go on sale.  

Saizen Natural Pack (Charcoal Mask)

The Saizen charcoal mask is a black peel-off mask to be used after cleansing. Each tube will last 5-7 applications, depending on how generous you are. I like to use a lot of product because it makes it easier for me to peel off. However, this method insures a longer drying time of around 25-30 minutes. Alternatively, use only and the nose and have a 15-20 minute drying time!

I've tried to take it off in the middle of drying, and it's very difficult to clean off with make-up remover and impossible with cleanser. Make sure you're ready for at least 30 minutes of a black face with limited mobility!

I've found that it's possible to peel off this mask in one piece. It is a bit difficult, but you can just roll the peeled off mask into a ball and dab on those missed pieces. Peeling isn't painful but may be uncomfortable as I've found it to be on the adherent side.

Afterwards, skin feels clean and on the tight side with some dirt/whiteheads visible on the mask. This won't work miracles but it's a good weekly maintenance mask. Make sure to use a non-comedogenic moisturizer afterwards for best results.

I've gone through 3 bottles of this product and I'm contemplating getting another if I can't find anything that catches my eye soon.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

April Empties: Watsons Hand Soap Refills and Herbal Essences Color Me Happy

Last April, I was finally able to finish my hand soap refills from Watsons from their P109 BOGO promo and my Herbal Essences Color Me Happy shampoo and conditioner! It's not much but I was really happy to get rid of some stuff in my bathroom.

For the hand soaps, I got the Lavender Gel and Honey and Cream Cream (not pictured) 500 ml refill packs. I like the Honey and Cream soap more because it's a more unique scent and since it's a cream, it leaves my hands more moisturised. I like that it's quite cheap compared to other hand soap options (especially as a refill), but it's not quite as cheap as Daiso's* P88 for a 1liter bottle option. I find that I get tired of having the same hand soap after a while so I'll probably buy more from the brand, especially their creamier options, if other scents catch my eye.

Herbal Essences Color Me Happy

As for the shampoo and conditioner, these were inherited from M when she realized I kept using hers. They've been with me for a while, but I've been using them only when I had my hair colored since that's what it's labeled for. I think the packaging has changed, but I do like the way this set looks and pairs together in the bathroom. The set contains Morrocan Rose and Passion Fruit extracts and it smells quite nice - floral with fresh tones. The shampoo contains sulfates that make it lather quite well (something I do love), but might bother those who prefer their hair products sulfate-free, especially for those with color treated hair. I'm not particularly bothered by it since I don't believe in sulfates lifting color, but I do tend to wash my hair more on this product (because it smells so good), which does the opposite of preserving hair color…

I really like how this product smells, and it does a decent job of conditioning my hair without leaving my scalp either dry or oily. I would recommend this product for anyone who loves rose-floral scents, but not particularly for hair color preservation.

*Edited to Daiso, originally Saizen. I get confused :D