Monday, March 30, 2015

Long vs. Short Hair

More than 50% of my adult life has been spent with long hair. It's not because I'm overly fond of it or anything, but because I've found that long hair is:

1. Easier to maintain daily - no need to blow dry or style in the morning (or sometimes even comb).
2. Needs fewer salon visits - once or twice a year would do
3. More versatile hair styles

However, short hair definitely has its advantages, and I've definitely been feeling it.

1. Cooler - because long hair heats you up, especially during summer
2. No split ends
3. No need for conditioner

Right now this is a con for me: I'd rather use up my conditioner (because I have a lot hoarded - I don't need to buy any for the next year or so).

4. Removes the temptation for perming

And, depending on your style…

5. Does not get in your face

The most important factor for the things I'm doing now.

I guess I'm maintaining my short hair for a while.

For those who want to cut their hair for the summer and have at least 8 inches to cut, you guys may be interested in donating it. Do a quick google search: Papemelroti and David's Salon might be easy avenues to donate your hair for wigs for cancer patients (I had mine done during the latter's event).

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