Wednesday, February 25, 2015

St. Marc Cafe

Now I'm not sure if this came with the cronut craze, or just one of the international brands that have been steadily infiltrating the market (watch out for the ASEAN opening for more), but St. Marc Cafe has been in the Philippines for a while with branches in Greenbelt and Megamall.

St. Marc Cafe Logo

 The logo of St. Marc's Cafe is their ever popular Chococro: a chocolate croissant. From the outside,  there are food replicas of their drinks and desserts (very Japanese) along with a menu. Traffic is high inside but most people don't stay long. Ambience in the Greenbelt branch is generally good. The interiors are a bit on the darker side, but there are few couches so you're not very inclined to stay for long periods of time. The best part of the cafe are the sweet smells from the baking area. The worst part is the occasional dropped glass.

Chococro and White Chococro
I've tried both the original Chococro (P55) and the White Chococro (P65). The price was decent for the serving size. While I did like the sweet filling, the dough was on the cold side and I didn't find it flaky enough. I wish the baristas offered to reheat this since I was dining in. I may try it again if the pastry I'd get would be fresh.

Matcha Latte
What I do keep coming back for is their Matcha Latte. The small is at P130 with P20 increments between that and the largest at P170. For me, it's a very good blend of strength, milkiness and bitterness. I find that most american coffee shops have green tea lattes that are too thin and too bitter (try Gyokuro for sweet caffeine love). Remember to stir since the sweet parts since the heavier, sweeter part tends to settle on the bottom or just have it unsweetened.

Will I go again? Yes, I'd go just for the tea latte.

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