Saturday, January 24, 2015

Coffee: Starbucks, Black Canyon Coffee, Toby's Estate

With all the coffee I've been having at home, I've rarely gone to coffee shops this year. While it's been good to my wallet, I have missed the taste and vibe of coffee shop coffee. Thus, this week, I've abused my wallet for coffee at Starbucks, Black Canyon Coffee and Toby's Estate.

While I won't get into Starbucks much, I'll just say this - yes to the Raspberry and NO to the Chestnut. Starbucks this year has been a bit of a disappointment from both the sales side and the coffee (at least one of the drinks just tasted like Nescafe 3 in 1).

Black Canyon Coffee is a Thai coffee shop known for its latte art. While D got a cappuccino which came with biscuits and a shot of hot tea, I got the Mexican Iced Coffee.

Black Canyon Coffee

Cappuccino P120

The latte art for this wasn't that remarkable but I did like the fact that they gave biscuits and that they had a special plate for it. Minus points for powdered creamer. I believe in real cream!

My iced coffee was ok, not that remarkable and not that strong. The biggest selling point was the boot - because coffee in a boot. XD

Mexican Iced Coffee P150

Chilling at Black Canyon Coffee at night was quite fun since they had magazines, comfy couches and free wifi.

On the other hand, this branch of Toby's Estate just opened a week ago. Toby's Estate is a 3rd wave coffee shop from Australia. I got the Gibraltar, which is one of their signature drinks.

Toby's Estate

Gibraltar P130

I love this coffee - not to bitter or sweet and not too strong but not at all weak (the awesomeness of ristretto over espresso!). This drink wasn't made with the popular Woolloomooloo blend but with the Broadway (I think), with stronger berry notes that lingered long after I finished the drink.

I couldn't really chill at Toby's with how crowded it was (with no armchairs!), but I was quite chilled (it was quite cold). I had to finish my coffee quickly before it turned tepid. I liked that they did sell hard to find merchandise such as Chemex and their filters (which, being the Phil, is still quite expensive). This branch, being new, still has a little way to go. While they have a lot of staff, and they're very attentive (especially with water service), service isn't streamlined. I think I'd recommend going here sometime mid-February, but not now when their still so new.
Both Black Canyon Coffee and Toby's Estate have 5% service charge.

Black Canyon Coffee branch at Tuscany Building, McKinley Hill, Taguig
Toby's Estate at Cyberscape Beta, Ruby Road, Ortigas

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