Friday, September 12, 2014

Royal Kona: Roy's 10% Kona Coffee Blend

It's been a short relationship with this sample size of Royal Kona's Roy's 10% Kona Coffee Blend from Hawaii. I only got a small size so I was barely able to appreciate it, but I did enjoy it while I had it.

It's a medium-dark (vienna) to dark roast of arabica beans, albeit with added flavoring. Being only 10% Kona and a medium-dark blend to boot, I doubt it captures the taste of good Kona coffee. However, I still liked it. It's very mild, even though it stays on the tongue, so it makes a good afternoon cup - especially when I'm craving something sweet. Don't expect it to keep you up though.

This sample was supposed to make 10 cups but made closer to 7.

I don't think I'd look for this, but it was nice while it lasted.

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