Monday, September 29, 2014

How Cow Milk Shake Factory

This weekend, I tried the newly opened How Cow Milk Shake Factory, a kiosk on the ground floor of Robinsons Galleria. The cute balloons were the ones that attracted my attention. Upon asking, I was told that it sold milk shakes - and I was sold.

How Cow Milk Shake Factory
 The smallest size, 12 oz., costs P45 for their standard items. Their premium items, which have chocolates shown below (menu not pictured), started at P75. The fliers at the side stated that it contained 14 nutrients, but I didn't really pay attention to it.
Regular Menu
Available Chocolate Mixes

Choco Truffle 12 oz
I chose the Choco Truffle in the smallest size. I liked the fact that they made an effort to decorate the cup. While I don't know the chocolate they used, the drink was pretty yummy.

Unfortunately, there was still a lot of ice chips in my drink, so I didn't enjoy it as much. I wouldn't really call this a milkshake because of it even if it falls under the definition: for me, milkshakes should be creamy - I shouldn't need to crunch ice between my teeth. It's more of an ice blended drink when you cross Zagu with chocolate and whipped cream.

I still enjoyed it, especially as it makes a change from coffee based frappes and milk teas. I'd drink this on a hot day -given enough time for most of the ice to melt.


  1. All the Howcow Milkshake Factory which are located in SM branches are already closed.

    What happened to Howcow?

    SM CITY BAGUIO – closed
    SM CITY BATANGAS – closed
    SM CITY CALAMBA – closed
    SM CITY CLARK – closed
    SM CITY FAIRVIEW – closed
    SM CITY LIPA – closed
    SM CITY LUCENA – closed
    SM CITY MANILA – closed
    SM CITY NORTH EDSA – closed
    SM CITY PAMPANGA – closed
    SM CITY ROSALES – closed
    SM CITY TARLAC – closed

    1. Yeah. They seem to have disappeared. The branch I went to closed down a long time ago. Which was disappointing since I found that the drinks actually improved after their first month.

      This is all conjecture but maybe they expanded too quickly? I'd like to know the real reason myself. Anyway, I hope they come back sometime in the future.