Thursday, July 3, 2014

DIY Scarf

I haven't been very productive this summer, so I wanted to make something to prove to myself that I was not a 100% bum. Maybe 99% only. So here it goes:

I went out and got myself 2 skeins of yarn and used this youtube tutorial here to make myself a scarf. This was a hand-knitted scarf: the youtube instructions were for a cowl but I made a long scarf instead.

Red Heart Reflective Yarn in Peacock
I bought was Red Heart Reflective Yarn  in Peacock from V.C. Trading in Cubao. Each skein costs P340 for a total of P680. That was all I spent on this project since no needles were required. I wish I could find something cheaper since this yarn costs $6. Use a bulky yarn - in my case, each skein was 100g and 80m long for a 6mm needle. I'd actually prefer using a bulkier yarn and use this to knit with needles, but I couldn't find a thicker alternative.

I ended up with a scarf with a loose weave, around 8 ft long since I stopped only once I saw that I was running out of yarn. For some reason, it looks green-ish in the pictures but it's actually blue.

The weave is really loose and it's not meant to be stretched out. Because its reflective, it's best used at night :D

Compared with something green to see the blue tones better. A nice messy scarf for a night out with friends.

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