Monday, January 27, 2014

Tea Rock at UP Town Center

Tea Rock is probably the only place at the UP Town Center where you can hang out and study - most of the places there are actually for eating. I originally wanted to go somewhere else (to try a certain girardelli drink), but it was full to the brim.

Tea Rock

Tea Rock has a giant menu, including dinner items. It's very difficult to read it from the wall, but the prices are standard milk tea shop prices (unlike most shops in that area, which I find cray-cray for something with UP in it).

It doesn't use the more common (nowadays) coaster buzzer.

 A drink each for my friend and I. Tiramisu M (P90) on the left and Raspberry Cocoa L (P100) for me. It tasted fine, not spectacular, but not bad either. The pearls were chewy in a good way but were relatively tasteless, so it's kind of meh.

Physically, the store was well lit and decorated, but the music was a bit loud (tea ROCK?) so it wasn't a great study spot. However, this is probably one of the best places for students to hang out (since most other places here aren't really student friendly).

I probably wouldn't go back here soon simply because both traffic and parking at this area is insane. :(

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